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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Anyone got any St. Patrick's Day plans?
Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Time: 4:31:16 AM
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RE: RE: Anyone got any St. Patrick's Day plans?

No party plans for me.

I have changed a lot since my youth as far as drinking goes, whereas when I was young, and the drinking age was only 18, and in NY where I grew up you could get into some bars as young as 16 if you looked old enough, since they didn't all checked IDs back in those days. Plus I loved to drink and be in bars around other drinkers getting drunk. Today I only have a rare drink or 2 on some weekends, but not in bars anymore, which I have avoided going to for over 15 years now, since when I'm in one I want to still drink along with everybody else. But we only got one bar in town anyway, and now that my daughter doesn't work there anymore, I never go in there anymore at all, been a good year since I last did.

As far as drinking and St Patty's day goes, never celebrated the holiday thanks to the only pure Irish family in my hood who I knew as a kid. The kids on my street were mainly all either Italian-American, or Jewish, like 99% of us kids were one or the other. But then we had the Lynches, and their son Ricky, who was one year younger than me, and who was the most prejudiced kid on the street - really the only prejudiced kid on the street. But he was not your normal prejudiced white kid who was against blacks or Hispanics like you might expect, he just hated Jews - and Italian Americans even more so. I knew this kid since I was only 5, back when I moved into the hood, and even when we were small we had to put up with his prejudice talk and put-downs, since overall we were all still friends (not sure why now when I look back). But that was the way he was, always cracking ethic jokes about us, and I would think all Irish kids were that way, since I didn't know any other Irish kids, and in turn I hated St Patty's day directly because of him. Then one day when he was about 12 or so, one of the other Italian kids on the block just totally beat the crap out of him for being the prejudice asshole that he was and gave him 2 black eyes. Ricky never again said anything prejudice after that beating, and his family soon move away after that, too. But directly because of him I never once, to this day, ever celebrated the holiday.

So this is the first St Patrick's Day where I now know that there's just a bit of Irish in my blood and in my family. But still, it's so small, only around 1%, and that isn't really anything. Yet maybe I will have a drink anyway, and think of my late Uncle Pat, who just passed away last month, who was my last living uncle, and whom was born on St Patrick's Day, hence why he was named Patrick. He, like most of my relatives on my mom's side of the family, even looked Irish with his blond hair and blue eyes. So just maybe one drink this year on that day, yet really, I can't recall a single time in my life that I have had a drink on this day before to celebrate this holiday, and mainly because of that one prejudiced kid I grew up with. But maybe it's time to forget about that stupid kid and have a drink this year on St Patty's day for once. But no party to go to, that's for sure.

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