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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Stones on Youtube - figures misleading
Date: Friday, March 10, 2017
Time: 3:42:19 AM
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RE: Stones on Youtube - figures misleading

Actually the Stones on youtube is sobering.

Well for you maybe... but that isn't the case at all for me and I bet other fans. Looking at the YouTube stats, I can see that the Stones are doing very well on there!...

I think their most popular song is Angie with around 23 million views.

Where did you get that incorrect total from, perhaps only one single video of the song? One single video means nothing at all! They got something like 10 different "official" videos of that one song alone up there, then other vids of the very same studio version of the song that isn't official that also shows up on YouTube (like if you only look up the song under "lyrics"). So in other words, the same video put up by several different people has to all be counted too if you are going to compare each song.

I just did a search at YouTube for the song, came up with 20 different videos for this song alone on the first page of songs listed (I didn't go past the first page), and again several are of the official video, so if somebody is looking to hear the song, they will only pick just one of those videos, and not all of them. Since the total numbers of views are listed in the search list, I added up the first 5 listed only - and got 81.5 million views for "Angie"!... in these five vids alone! That's a lot more than just 23 mil.... and that's counting only half of the ones up for that one song just on page 1.

So I also looked up the Mungo Jerry song, which is their most famous song, and a good one. There aren't anywhere as many vids listed there for this song, in the first 20 listed, several are live versions of the song and not the studio take, so that cuts down on which vid each person will pick to listened to, as most want to hear the studio take of the song over a live cut. Their top 2 studio vids alone on this, counting the one you noted, comes to 98 mil - but - after that, none of the few remaining vids muster even 1 million views each, and their not all of the very same studio version of the song as the Angie vids are. If you counted all of the views of the Angie vids that feature the studio version of the song, my guess is the Stones would blow away the handful of studio songs that are up for the Mungo Jerry official version of their song. But then, since you made the statement that "the Stones on youtube is sobering", the Stones got hundreds of more vids over Mungo Jerry alone up on there with millions of views for each song.

If you take the more popular Stones songs and look each one up on Youtube, they might not have as many views for one single video like that one Mungo Jerry vid has - but again, that's because they got so many more vids per song to chose from than Mungo Jerry has, and more than most other artists on there, but hell, the most viewed song on YouTube is some song that I never heard before called "Sorry", by Justin Bieber, with almost 3.3 billion views. Does that mean that Justin Bieber is more popular than the Stones? Of course not, but there's a lot more teeny boppers watching YouTube than the Stones, which means on YouTube he's more popular than the Stones for teens, yes, but overall that means nothing. Let's see where he's at in 50 years (since the Stones been around longer than that), not that I'll be around in 50 years to know or care. But I know the Stones are light years better and that's all the really matters to me.

But still, we gotta state things correctly, too, and taking one single video and saying the Stones output is "sobering", well maybe it is to you, but overall for most Stones fans that is misleading if you add up all of the songs/vids that the Stones have on that channel, since the band is doing very well on there overall. It just depends on how you look at it.

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