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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: nfl playoffs...nsc
Date: Tuesday, January 03, 2017
Time: 4:13:22 AM
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RE: nfl playoffs...nsc

Actually, I believe this happens more often than some realize with the Super Bowl winner not making it to the playoffs the next year, but usually that doesn't happen to both teams that played in the SB the year before, at least one of them makes it to the playoffs the next year.

You and SW got 2 of the 4 reasons the Broncos didn't make the playoffs. They still had one of the best Ds in the NFL this season, good enough to get them there, but it wasn't like last season when they had the best D ever in the NFL. Second, yes, they had no QB this year. True, last year Manning missed half the season and when he did play, he was out of gas.... but .... he was Peyton Manning, and his experience was what got him to be just good enough to go with that great D and to get his team to win it all. Basically, this years' QB, Trevor Siemian, makes for a great backup QB and who in time with more experience, just might be good enough to be a starter, but he wasn't good enough to be one this year and he didn't have what it takes to win enough games to make the playoffs for his team. Siemian is a better QB than the other guy he replaced from last year, the totally overpaid and nothing more than a backup QB, Brock Osweiler. They both ended up with the same records, but, since Houston plays in a much easier division, they got in with the same record Denver had, while the Broncos didn't. That's the third reason why they didn't get in this year, the AFC west was clearly the best division in the NFL this year, while the Texans, who suck, and also have a backup QB starting, got in. Had they been in the AFC West, they won't had a 500 record this year. Or for that matter, had Denver played in any other division than the one they were in, or had they played the same teams as New England played this year, they would have gotten in, too.

There was one last reason why Denver didn't get it. They had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. If your front line sucks like the Broncos line sucked this season, your QB will not get time to throw the ball and he won't look too good.

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