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Name: the gassies
Subject: Drunken post
Date: Saturday, August 04, 2001
Time: 10:35:24 PM
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Drunken post

Followed her to the station

Our Young Boy Joey has returned to our bosom after finally being found wandering the Who section of the R&R Hall O' Fame for literally hours.

Marko is hot -- all you girls fucked up

you coulda had it licked by a pro

crazy bastard

The Meister is back --- didn't know when to say when -- proud of it!

Maxy got a room, finally. Big room w/ mini bar.

Club level with his own private bar stocked with Snapple, and jacuzzi, and vodka -- quite visably shaken -- and a 5 lb. rock.

Film at 11:00 w/ FPM & SDH (MIA) -- Legionaires' disease stikes agin'

Who's fhaarting and what foahh?

Keith will you cool it, I'm trying to stop the farting!

You'll never guess who showed up at the summit -- Octavius Washington -- hard to believe.

Just in case we didn't thank our most kind host this fine evening (under a full moon no less) -- a special gassy outburst for our hero, the lovely and talented 2000 Man & family (ask about the the steak eater!)

From Minneapolis to your neighborhood -- the "mile" -- all I know is what they tell me -- they started with 3 cases of beer and they had one beer left this afternoon. He had a few he says. Let it all ride.

Lugar's back -- where was he? We don't know -- we are most quite visably shaken ("QVS").

Tony says (as interpreted by the Cleveland Gassy Institute):

Play the fucking track

I've got 2 words for ya -- fucking mad!

Anyone that ignored the siren's call of Cleveland can now bask in their collective despair that they missed the frothy, bubbly, milky, filthy goodness that is Cleveland.

As darkness fell Young Joey reached back into his troubled memories of Da Nang. He taught us survival techniques he learned from the Fukawi tribe of headhunters. We brought down a mighty cow in a neighbor's yard and sated our appetites on red meat and milk stout.

An Erie red glow hangs overhead after we all grunted and farted to Exile . A special bonding has now occurred after we drank and feasted around the the way , that fire has now spun out of control and has consumed half of the backyard .

Fire is now out. We're all relieved.

Let It Bleed is blasting and we pound along with sticks and pieces of broken furniture. We are reduced to communicating mainly by grunts and farts.

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