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Name: 2000 Man
Subject: A note from Cleveland
Date: Saturday, August 04, 2001
Time: 7:20:07 AM
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A note from Cleveland

Saw Max's post about his trip, it'll be worth it in the long run, and I think we'll laugh at your misfortune soon.

Anyway - Everyone has arrived safely (most of them much less battered than Max), and we sat around Sir Stonesalot's room and I'm pretty sure we successfully replaced all the oxygen with smoke. We enjoyed some fine Canadian Strong beer, some finer Yeungling's Black and Tans (and a couple of lagers), Stoli and some nasty looking Dole fruit juice and I heard there was some red wine floating around, but I don't imbibe in that stuff.

The Marko around the world tour travels heavy, let me tell ya! There's about forty video tapes, stacks of pictures and books and a googob of cd's. SDH brought some big Nicaraguan cigars (really big, republican ones), and from FPM we get the next poll question.

Is it pronounced "Kee - Noe" or is it pronounced "Kennoe?"

SDH votes for the former, but it's running heavily in favor of "Kee - Noe."

The catch phrasee for the weekend? Every now and then Marko exclaims "Wait! Two words! Fucking Mad!"

I'm going to the record convention now, we'll send more notes to everyone later today.

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