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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: Song Writing Credits & Exile Bonus CD
Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Time: 11:33:23 PM
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RE: RE: Song Writing Credits & Exile Bonus CD

Getting back to Aladdin Story, it's hard to dispute the fact that the riff is very strongly reminiscent of PIB, but the feel of the song is totally different.

Yes, agree. PIB has soul and AS has none, that is where the difference is between the two songs. The Wyman-Jones riff is all that AS has.

George Harrison's My Sweet Lord is a rip-off of an older Chiffons song.

Well, I dig both songs and I don't see any real rip off. They might be similar, but lots of songs are. George was just too nice a guy to fight them in court, had he, he might had won the case.

Does that make it worthless? Not to me, it doesn't. I'm sure that with a little digging, many more examples of this kind of stuff could be found. All music is derivative, to a certain extent.

Agree. But you should not take a song your own band recorded as a major hit years ago - a song that even young kids still dig today, and go take it's main riff and use it again in another song, especially when the two guys in the band who came up with the riff have never been credited for its creation.

Personally, I very much enjoy the entire bonus CD, from beginning to end. It would never occur to me to skip any of the tracks. And there are a couple that I always feel like playing again as soon as they end.

I have never skipped any of the songs on it either, but the more I hear AS today, it makes me want to. Again, when I first heard it on boot years ago it didn't bug me, since it wasn't released. They did the right thing years back when they knew they couldn't release it, but now days the Glimmers just don't give a shit if they rip-off themselves - or should I say, Bill and Brian.

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