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Name: Travellin' Man
Subject: I Demand Satisfaction!
Date: Friday, February 01, 2008
Time: 12:30:55 AM
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I Demand Satisfaction!

For years I thought this was a respectable site to post about my obsession with the Stones, but this will be the last time I post here unless the bastard or bitch who is responsible for this pain in my heart comes forth and admits what they have done! Something happened to me yesterday, and it is one of the worst things I've ever experienced in my life! If you need me to explain what it was then you had nothing to do with this sad day. Suffice it to say it is both complicated, and terrifying, and to give details would be premature at this point, but anyway you look at it, I have been wronged here! Little by little it has gotten worse until now it is completely out of control! I wish I knew who the guilty party is because I am ready to fight and they truly deserve to feel the back of my hand! That's right, I've had it with you, whoever the hell, you are! You think it is all about you! Don't you? Look what you've done! I feel awful and my nerves are shattered. I think I'm going mad!

I have mixed emotions about leaving here, but I gotta get away for a long long while because I just can't be seen posting here if YOU are my neighbor! You have a strange way of getting your rocks off! Congratulations for putting me between a rock and a hard place, and leaving me without knowing what to do, but If you don't stop these petty, lowdown games, it won't take long before I find your crack smoking, stoned out ass, and you feel the storm of my fists raining down upon you! I will not hold back anything! Even if you jump on top of me I will go around and around with your ass until I'm winning ugly!

Can I get a witness to the name of the culprit? That would sure make me happy! If you have the information then send it to me. What a shame if you are sitting on a fence with the info and leaving me high and dry, without a clue! Someone give me the name so I can sleep tonight and wake up in the morning happily ready to call the proper authorities. I am waiting, and though this evil person thinks they will get off the hook for betraying me with this sad, sad, sad day, I can assure all of you it was the biggest mistake of their life! Time waits for no one. You stupid guy or stupid girl! Some guys and some girls just don't know when to quit! You do not have the luxury of time here. Time is on my side, baby!

If you send me an email then don't lie to me about who it is either! Given the situation, that would be too rude for words. I've had way too many lies told to me, and about me, this winter already!

Each and every day of the year I came to Gasland for my Stones connection. It has felt like a family here. There have been good times, bad times and everything in between, but the good times have far outweighed the bad. Everytime I post I feel like I am waiting on a friend to reply. For those of you who are truly my friends I will truly miss you when I'm gone. I'm moving on because I have no expectations of actually learning the name of the person who has served up this rough justice to me. It hurts me too! How can I stop posting here when I enjoy it so much? If you really want to be my friend then give me the information if you have it. Come on and let it loose, because I really want to be cool, calm and collected once again. Basically, I'm alright. I'm too tough and I simply refuse to be a slave to this situation for very long. Should no one give me the information I seek then just let me go elsewhere. If you let me, without asking me to stay, it will be easier on me. It's not easy to leave, but with these latest events it's all over now.

Is it just my imagination or are many of you laughing at me?

Till The Next Goodbye,

Travellin' Man

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