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Name: Pretty Beat Up
Subject: RE: RE: RE: About Ronnie
Date: Sunday, October 15, 2006
Time: 5:56:12 AM
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RE: RE: RE: About Ronnie

I have read nothing but great things about Ronnie from this night on all boards. I have said it all along, he alwasy could play, he never lost it so to speak. And the main reason is ever since Chuck took over the band and Keith became more gready about guitar parts and volumes Ronnie took aback seat to Keith, his amp is down and the parts he plays are filler parts, so what does he do, Ronnie gets baord and acts silly and enjoys himslef. Sure he looks like a fool, but that is how he deals with it. If you play guitar in a band and then the other guitar player plays all the main parts and then turns you down too low so he can showboat, your just basically posing with a guitar. I think it started after the Steel Wheels tour, I remember Ronnie getting alot of attention during that tour, more than Keith even got on that tour, people always said to me " I like that guitar player with the rooster like hairdo and smokes all the time. I have always felt that Keith maybey got a little protective of his image and kinda snuffed Ron. Keith's ego got really huge during the Steel Wheels tour I think. The big screen defintley had something to do with it. This is nothing really agiasnt Ketih but I think this is what happend. You can see it with Keith sometimes, watch hi sface when Ronnie is playing the solo to Can't You HearMe Knockin, he is board and looks as if he wants it to end, He gets mad at Jagger because he thinks he is too loud on When The Whip Comes Down,,

Here is a quoate right from the horses mouth so to speak

"I'm good at making other people look good".

Ronnie knows his role in the band he does it, he will alwasy step up when needed but when not, he will just be ham.

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