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Name: Steady Rollin' Walkman
Subject: Holy Fucking Shit! Chicago Review (Very Long!)
Date: Thursday, October 12, 2006
Time: 9:05:10 PM
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Holy Fucking Shit! Chicago Review (Very Long!)

Wow, what a fucking awesome night. Ok, let's start from the begining

Michael (my mom's boyfriend, he's really cool) and I took the train to Soldiers. I had purchased two floor seats, C2/row 11/seats 19&20. I didn't know how the security would be so while on the train I had tapped with clear packaging tape a large flask of Wild Turkey, and my mom's digital camerea (she really is the coolest) slightly above each of my ankles. We got in and had a few beers. I was telling Michael I really hope I hear Sway. And that it would be the perfect opportunity to break out "Winter" or as another gasser predicted (can't remember right now who called it) "She was Hot"

We went to check out our seats about a quarter till 7. Goddamn was it cold. we decided to head to the corridor until Elvis stopped in. When he came in I stayed until his last song started and I couldn't stand the weather. I had no gloves at all. I went in, used the porta-potty, went in between a 10ft gap in between the toiley line and ripped off the tape around my legs. It hurt but it did feel kinda warm! Michael joined up with me after a few shots of turkey. I started hearing sound checks and I said "about 5 more minutes."

A lot of noise started and I told the cute chicks we were talking to "see you later" in a real I got more important things to do kind of tone. We get up to where they check for wristbands, and tickets and I hear the opening notes of You Got Me Rocking. I couldn't find my ticket! I must have lost it while getting a ciggarete. Michael went ahead not knowing the hystearia I was going through. The security guy said "I need your ticket" I stepped ahead of him still looking for it. I couldn't find it all. I turned around and he was busy checking others so I just kept on trucking. As soon as I got on the floor and the Stones were playing, I completely forgot about the swift, freezing wind. I forgot completely about being cold at all.

I'm singing at the top of my lungs and then the first bass note of Live With Me rings out and I was cheering loudly.

When Monkey Man first rang out, Michael and I looked at each other with much delightment. I was very pleased. Ronnie really kicked it out on the slide. Keith did a very good job on the riffs.

Mick said something about well if you we here last time we played here, we got something different for you. This one's called Sway. I may have ejaculated right in my pants. I was overwhelemed. Ronnie really stepped up the the plate and hit a home run. The ending wasn't sloppy at all.

They busted out She was Hot and you could tell who the diehards were. Awesome version. Everyone really rocked on this, especially Mick.

Streets of Love started out really good, but I think it kind of dragged on a little too long.

Midnight Rambler was a mother fucker! pounded out really hard. I did notice right about then that Keith really was having a hard time getting the notes out. I've played outside in 50 degrees weather and I can't even move my fingers because my hands are so cold. Not to mention his arhritis. I really felt for him. He pulled it off well though. And the "Muddy Waters say Oh Yea!" part really kicked ass.

Mick mentioned something about it being an early or cold winter (can't remember exactley) and I thought they were going to bust out Winter. A few seconds later, I heard a few blurts from Keith's guitar before the song started, and then saw which guitar it was, so I wasn't disappointed to hear Tumblin' Dice. It was pretty rocking

Ronnie did a fan-fucking-tastic slide on You Got the Silver. I was impressed. Keith sang with all his heart

Little T&A fucking rocked. I like how they are doing the horns with it too. I always love the Keith set. He did an awesome job

Under my thumb was awesome! I couldn't believe my ears. But I thought they had another song before I hit the B-stage. I was horrified when i saw the stage moving. I ran up as fast as I could. I was way back and it was packed. There were two hotties behind me and I said to them "You know, they let the cute chicks right up front, just say excuse me a lot and your beauty will get you through." They had half full beers in their hands so they were open to suggestion. I followed them and one person said hey and I told him that was my girlfriend. It worked. I got up nice and close.

I was very please when they pulled out Rough Justice, another song I was looking forward too.

Start Me up was fine. Mick was dancing all around and I got a real good shot of him

When the stage went back durring Honky Tonk Women, the ushers were saying "Back to your aisles, back to your aisles." I didn't feel like it so I decided to sneak up. I waited until the ushers checking tickets in the aisles were busy with other people and I snuck behind them. I got way up to where the rich bastard seats are and there were 4 ushers in a chain. Needless to say, that was as close as I got to the front stage. When Keith finnished his awesome solo on Sympathy, I went back to get Michael up front.

Jumpin Jack Flash was very strong.

Sastisfaction kind of had false start to it but really rocked out. Michael and I got up close about mid-song.

Brown Sugar started out really thick. Bobby did an excellent job

Synopsis: The Stones really came through. Keith struggled, but put out every ounce of energy he could muster from his frozen, arhritic fingers. Mick was in fine form, very humorous throughout the show. Charlie is always awesome, he never has a bad night. Ronnie really shined. He filled the gaps that Keith left and really was the hero of the night. His lead guitar was in fine form. Awesome seats, awesome fucking setlist, great playing. It couldn't have been better. I didn't feel cold until "the train came in the station"

I will post a link to the pictures soon, I'll reply to this thread.

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