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Name: KeefSnorting Junkie
Subject: Greetings From Newbie
Date: Friday, October 21, 2005
Time: 3:10:13 AM
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Greetings From Newbie

Hi Everyone,

Like millions of others, I've been lurking around the gasland for several years now.

I don't know why but it takes me several years (and a chunk of guts) to take the plunge, probably due to being naturally reclusive, some physical and technical difficulties, and not come up the perfect handle. Anyway, this is my first time to join any board in cyberworld, although posting some questions here before the registration was required.

By the way, thanks for all the interesting discussion and insights, nd sometimes hilarious and obnoxious interplay. I hope I can contribute too.

Now, a brief episode of my first Stones encounter as an introduction:

You always remember the first experience. The first Stones song to send an electric shock through my body is JJF (my all-time fav.). I watched the same title movie when I was 12 or 13 and my body felt the something never felt before. Still JJF keeps me under spell and makes me driving too fast (along with Bitch, Starfuckers, RO, etc)

So to find JJF, I purchased my first Stones LP, Hot Rocks, after cruising five biggest record stores in the town. Great choice, you might think. But I didn't have much say in this. My first choice was the tape, constraining by the allowances. But the stores in my town had less than 10 different records (tapes, LPs and CDs all combined). And except imported records (which is out of my budget), only Hot Rocks included JJF.

You might wonder what kinds of the record store or the town had no love for one of the most prolific recording band. The thing is I am from the faraway land across the ocean, in which none of Stones never visited as far as I know, so called Korea. The Stones are never big in my country. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pick Floyd are huuugeee, never the Stones. Unacceptable!!!

Anyway, after listening JJF for 70 times, I was starting to worry that listening the same tracks over and over might have similar impacts like tapes, so I decided to listen other tracks . And the rest is history.

One other thing about my Hot Rocks LP was that I found out that there are some scratches in the song lists in the back covers (after the careful perusal in two year later) . I could smell the foul play. Turns out that the government (the military one in 70's) banned two songs in it– Mother's Little Helper and Street Fight Man.

Long Live Keef

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