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Name: Bekka
Subject: Tonight's Rehearsal: A Must Read!!
Date: Thursday, August 11, 2005
Time: 11:46:56 PM
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Tonight's Rehearsal: A Must Read!!

Well, tonight was another amazing night. I swear, I've been on a three day high. lol. as i've mentioned before, mick's personal body guard gave me my wrist band for the concert and michael cole gave me my ticket. I was shocked at that. then last night was the concert which in my opinion, was amazing. then there was tonight.

my dad and i went again just cuz and to see if i could get another album signed. we had been waiting for about an hour and a half and then clive, mick's personal bodyguard and rick, the head security guy came up to us and said come with me inside. who's to argue with him.

my dad and i were very confused at that point. as we were walking across the compound clive explained that we were going to get to see the stones rehearse for a little bit. you could have knocked me over with a feather. we had to leave everything outside, including the camera, cellphone, album (LYL) and the pen. then we went inside with another security guard michelle and clive. we all got in the elevator and rode up to the 4th floor.

the 4th floor ended up being a balcony/catwalk above where they were playing. dad and i got there in between songs, so mick was chatting and joking around with charlie and keith and ronnie were doing their guitar thing. there were white boards all across the front/back wall (depends on which way ur facing) with songs and their key written on them. two stand out in my mind: Infamy, one of the new keith songs and Shattered. Btw, green day was there tonight and i was standing next to them. :O then they began to play...HARLEM SHUFFLE!!! (i know this is good news for many stones fans.)

all i can say is wow! it was great! the atmosphere in there was very relaxed. the boys looked like they were having a lot of fun playing the song, btw, which was amazing!i had to make a conscious effort to keep my mouth closed for fear that my gum would fall out of my mouth! lol!!! when they finished the song, mick looked up at me and smiled and winked and ronnie just smiled! i was on cloud nine.

when i got back out, everyone was clamouring to know what happened. they were all so jealous. then someone else said that a few nights ago that they had had the chance to go up and see THREE songs... Going To A Go Go, Waiting On A Friend and... the one that everyone on this board has been clamouring for... SWAY!!!!! there you have it guys! they have practiced sway!

anyway, i'm still on this high. i can only hope that another something like this will happen tomorrow night.

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