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Name: Jack Flash
Subject: Emotional signifigance of songs
Date: Sunday, July 24, 2005
Time: 11:14:01 AM
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Emotional signifigance of songs

When I first rated Goats Head Soup, I gave 100 Years a 6.4 (using Keno's rating scale). It was OK, nice off beat change of pace, I thought, but sloppy. But a week or so ago I listened to it and it just clicked in my head: this is my theme song (at the moment). It hit me so powerfully because it made so much sense to me, and now I listen to it every 20 minutes. I started to realize the heart tugging chords, how Mick seems to know exactly what he's talking about ashe sings so perfectly, and how MT transfers all the built of up emotion and power through his killer guitar work. I've always said that the Stones have an incredible talent for writing songs that mirror my life, and 100 Years is the perfect example. I'm starting to think of giving it a 10.0, maybe have it sneak into my top 25.

So my question is: do we dig songs just because we can relate to them? If you heard a song that was obviously really bad but described perfectly what you felt about something or a situation in your life, would you like it? Once I realized 100 Years was so significant to me, I started to dig the music three times more. Just curious about all your opinions.

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