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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: On Being Me back then (SSC)
Date: Thursday, July 07, 2005
Time: 1:49:00 AM
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RE: On Being Me back then (SSC)

Cool post, I only got to read it just now. Sounds like your a handful of years younger than me perhaps.

Those of us who were in our early teens, but under 17 or 18 at the close of the '60s, were still just old enough to understand all the shit that was going down. But we were still growing up too, and worried that when we hit 18 ours asses would be shipped off to 'Nam via the draft. I can remember all of my friends (and being a part of the Baby Boom, there were a lot of friends my age) talking about going to Canada when we hit 18, fuck fighting for Pig Nixon! I mean, all the kids where I grew up felt this way about our own country - we didn't trust it or it's leaders one bit. I know for myself, all this bullshit sure did shape me into the hippie/yippie I became. I remember one straight telling me in the early '70s that I could not be both a hippie and a yippie at the same time, as this person didn't really have a clue what the two were. He kept trying to tell me yippies were nothing but punks with long hair. Guess he had forgotten that just a few years earlier even the punks had long hair, too. The things that really brought the punks, yippies and hippies together back then was they all were into the anti-establishment movement (fueled by the draft & war along with the united hatred of Nixon), - plus a love for rock music. Of course, by the mid '70s the punks were also pretending to be against the hippies (those who were still left), as even hippies were not cool to them anymore (guess the male punks were just jealous that us hippies got more woman than they ever got, and we had the better music, too). But by the '80s most of the hippies, yippies and punks were all underground and all back together as friends again, as minorities have to get along with each other to survive.

I remember around 1980 or so, my wife was working in this small Colorado Springs bar, and this older, high ranking Air Force guy came in and started to hit on her - even though by just by looking at her one could tell that she was a hippie chick. I was on the other end of the bar from him and he didn't know who I was, and after a few minutes I walked up to him and told him the chick he was hitting on was my wife. He gave me a dirty look and said something along the lines that my kind should not be allowed to marry and if we had kids, that they should be taken away from us. So here was this redneck pig, who didn't even know anything about me or my family (other than that he could see that I was a longhair), and saying all this shit about me and mine. But I kept my cool and we kept talking for awhile. At one point he said to me what a waste it was to think he was defending the country for freaks like me, so I told him he should have some respect for people like me who's tax money went into his paycheck . He then told me that my kind (he meant hippies) didn't even exist any more in the world today. So I told him if that was so, then could he explain what I was doing there talking to him. At that point my wife asked him to leave the bar, he didn't and kept his shit going for a few more minutes, claiming that my wife wasn't a hippie but a biker chick, so with that she walked up to him and poured his half full glass of beer onto his lap and told him "there is your biker chick for ya". He stood up, I stood up and got between him and the old lady, just knowing something bad was about to go down. But he showed what a pussy he was, he said something along the lines about us being lowlifes and then turned around and left. Me, the wife and kids soon move out of that area and back to liberal Telluride after that, as we didn't want to live anywhere near a military town any longer.

But yes, that was how it was not only in the '60s, but even in the '70s and '80s (and no, I'm not gonna bring up the '70s story about me and the redneck in that Nashville restaurant again, either, look it up in the archives) but you know, it wasn't just the war back then that shaped me, it really was the Beatles & the Stones too that did that to me. I guess that is why Mick pisses me off so much these days, back then who ever dreamed that the drug taking, hippie Mick Jagger, would some day, to the horror of his long times fans, would become a fucking Sir! Boy, times have change, but I still haven't.

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