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Welcome to the It's a Gas, Gas, Gas Message Board registration page! We are pleased that you want to join all of us in the Land of Gas! Registration is very easy to do, you only have to follow the simple instructions below, also read our FAQ Page, and fill out the registration form, and then you will be on your way to becoming a Gasser! (see important notice on the bottom of this page)

Question & Answers

Must I register to post at the It's A Gas, Gas, Gas Board?

Yes, everybody who wants to post at our board must first resister here. If you only wish to lurk at the board, then registration is not required.

Do I need a password? How about a user name?

Yes, you will need a password, one will be sent to you via email after you fill out and submit the registration form. Your username will be whatever handle you plan on using at the board. If you choose to post using your real name, then your name will also be your username. Also, please note that you cannot post at the board using just initials as your name/handle

How long will it take till I receive my password?

Times will vary. On weekdays you should get your password back within 24 hours on average, on weekends or holidays it could take anywhere from a day, to up to three days, or so. If you don't receive your password email after five days, please bypass our form and send the needed info again via normal email, directly to: Sometimes forms do mess up, so don't give up!

Will my name/handle be reserved for my use only?

Yes...... Also, if you pick a handle or name that is already in use, then a return email will be sent to you asking you to choose a new one.

Will my email address be given out or sold to others?

No, your email address will only be shown on line if you want it to, and it will never be sold to anyone..

Does the password clue I give have to be my Mother's maiden name?

No, but it has to be something that you are gonna remember and that nobody else is likely to know.

Registration Form Instructions

1) Fill out all fields that apply.
2) Your real, full name and email address must be filled out. Your password will be sent to the email address you provide. Also remember to fill out a "Handle" name, too. And don't forget to fill in the "Clue" field; if you ever forget your password, it will be used to identify you.
3) You must read our board's FAQ Page and agree with it's terms when posting at Gasx3. When you submit your registration form by clicking on the "Registration" button at the bottom of the form's page, you are agreeing to these simple terms.
4) Okay, looks like your ready to join our fun filled board, to fill out the registration form, just click here**!

Important notice

Sorry, registration for all new Gassers has been put on hold until the new board is ready to go. We hope this will be happening in the next 2 weeks, so please return and sign up at that time, and we thank you for your interests in joining us in the Land of Gas! 

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