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Now this wasn't easy to come up with. Okay, maybe the top five picks were, but trying to decide which songs in my rating scale  I liked better was tough to decide. I chose from songs that I rated a 10, and after all, if they all got ten ratings, well, you can't rate higher than that, right? Well maybe, but  I'm going by my favorites for this list. Of couse like any true Stones fan, this list is subject to change. All told I have 68 songs that I rated a 10 and made my list from there. Please make sure that you vote for your favorite Stones song and favorite Stones album and then remember to check back to catch the changing results each week in our on-going polls.

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1 SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL The best rock song ever written and recorded,  period.
RUBY TUESDAY Still today, some 40+ years since its release, no other rock song sounds like this one, thanks to Brian.
3 JUMPING JACK FLASH One of the best upbeat songs ever, after all these years, its still a gas, gas, gas!
4 MOONLIGHT MILE The more I hear this song, the more I love it! Mick T just shines on this one!
5 HONKY TONK WOMAN Another great upbeat tune, you will never get the blues listening to this ditty.
STREET FIGHTING MAN A great political song of the sixties. Originally titled Pay Your Dues with different lyrics.
7 ANGIE Mick sings his heart out, even if you don't dig the Stones, you like this number.  
8 BROWN SUGAR No other artists has ever written a song about the slaves (or opiates) like this one!
9 WILD HORSES Another great ballad with a wonderful backup vocal by Keith.
10 LET IT BLEED No other band writes these type of songs better. Stu at his best on  piano helps make this one great.



11 UNDER MY THUMB - Brian on marimbas makes this one fantastic!
12 PAINT IT BLACK - Brian plays the sitar on here in a way no other sitar was ever played before.
13 MIDNIGHT RAMBLER - Mick blows one of the best  harps ever heard on a rock song.
14 DEAD FLOWERS - A beautiful country - rock song, love Keef's backup vocals on here.
15 SWEET VIRGINIA - Yet another country rocker with feel.
16 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME - Brian's mellotron makes this one special.
17 TUMBLING DICE - Great lyrics with a fantastic guitar.
18 ROCKS OFF - Pure in your face rock n rock!
19 SATISFACTION - The guitar riff that made Keef king of the Riffmasters.
20 LETS SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER - Pop rock greatness!
21 STRAY CAT BLUES - A dirty, hard rocking song about young underage groupies.
22 THE LAST TIME - Perhaps Brian's best lead guitar part in any song.
23 GET OFF OF MY CLOUD - Then again, maybe this one is Brian's best ever lead guitar riff?
24 MONKEY MAN - 100% rock 'n roll with a great flow to it! I dig Bill's vibes, too!
25 TIME IS ON MY SIDE (Version 2, aka 'guitar version') - Great early Keef guitar - at his best.
26 YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT - True song about getting by in life. Dig that choir, too!
27 BEAST OF BURDEN - Nice ballad with some help from Ronnie.
28 AS TEARS GO BY - The first Jagger/Richards song ever written and a very nice one, too.
29 NO EXPECTATIONS - Brian's swan song, his slide guitar on here just makes you wanna cry to the blues.
30 COMING DOWN AGAIN - Keith sings a true song about how life can sometimes not turn out as planned.
31 JUST MY IMAGINATION - One of their best ever covers - fantastic!
32 MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER - Early drug song about pills, with some fine drumming by Charlie.
33 WINTER - Mick T shines on this one for sure!
34 19TH NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - Early rock greatness with a cool bass from Bill!
35 GIMME SHELTER - I do dig this one, but most fans do more and would place this one in their top ten.
36 HEART OF STONE - A nice song with Brian playing a heavy bass-like sounding six-string.
37 STARFUCKER - A great hard rock song about groupies, with Keef playing one of his better riffs.
38 FAR AWAY EYES - Another great country-rock song!
39 LOVE IS STRONG - Mick once again reminds us of how his harp playing can help make a song special.
40 HAPPY - Keef's best ever sung song, recorded within 24 hours after he wrote it.
41 SWAY - Only Mick could have written this number, with some musical help from Mick T.
42 SHE'S A RAINBOW - The piano makes this one great!
43 LOVE IN VAIN - Mick sings this blues cover as great as anybody else ever has.
44 WAITING ON A FRIEND - This one is just full of heart!
45 BLINDED BY RAINBOWS - Great anti-war song written about the violence in Ireland.
46 TELL ME - An very early gem
47 LITTLE RED ROOSTER - What a slide from Brian!
48 I GOT THE BLUES - Mellow, with just the right amount of blues mixed in to make this one a keeper.
49 BITCH - A rock classic which is just full of feel - and some nice horns, too!
50 RIP THIS JOINT - Catchy lyrics + pure rock n roll music = greatness, once again!
51 CHAMPAGNE & REEFER - One of their greatest live cuts, with some help from Buddy Guy.
52 JIG SAW PUZZLE - A nice slide makes this one flow just right.
53 SHATTERED - A song about NYC filled with truth!
54 SOME GIRLS - Another great song about groupies.
55 IT'S ONLY ROCK N ROLL (BUT I LIKE IT) - It's only a rock n roll song, but I love it, yes I do!
56 DO YOU THINK I REALLY CARE - A wonderful country song that saw 33 years pass by until it was released.
57 ROUTE 66 - Early cover that makes you want to get in your car and find what is left of this old road
58 WATCHING THE RIVER FLOW - Excellent vocals from Mick on this one!
59 FOLLOWING THE RIVER - Mick added the vocals to this in 2010, and so nice to hear some lost piano playing from the late Nicky Hopkins, too.
60 IT'S ALL OVER NOW - Great guitar weaving here by Brian on 12 string and Keith on 6 string.
61 CAROL -  Wonderful cover of the Chuck Berry song, with a nice lead guitar by Keith.
62 PLAY WITH FIRE - It took until March 1, 2018 for this old song to make it on to this list. But it now finally has that "10" feel to it, to me!
63 CAN'T YOU HEAR ME KNOCKING - This one didn't see a ten rating until October 3, 2018, when I rerated Sticky Fingers. I never felt Taylor's guitar solo at the end was a pure 10. But Richards' early acid lead is so great, the song gets a 10 thanks to that.
64 LIVE WITH ME - Makes it to the Stones' 10 Club for songs in 2018. Some of the lyrics to the song still sound weak, but overall, it's still a great song overall.
65 YOU GOTTA MOVE - Makes it to a ten rating after my rerating of Sticky Fingers in October of 2018. I didn't care for MJ's vocal style on this one for years, but they no longer bug me like they once did.
66 TILL THE NEXT GOODBYE - Joins this list in November of 2018, but I dig this song so much that maybe it should be higher up than listed at just number 66?
67 START ME UP - Some fans are upset that the NFL plays this song at the start of their games. I like hearing that so much that it has risen this song up to my Stones' 10 club list!
68 UNDERCOVER OF THE NIGHT - Another song that should have been on this list years earlier, but it took until late 2018 for that to happen.

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