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Villa Grove, Colorado

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Villa Grove is located in Saguache County, Colorado. The town sits at the bottom of Poncha Pass. The cams are located south of where the town is located.

Please note that the new mismanagement at CDOT has taken away the beautiful mountain views that these cams once shown, in exchange to show more of the road surface, even though enough of the road was already being seen before. The new person in charge doesn't understand that tourists who might want to visit this area, what to see the mountains first, and so do locals living in the valley, since if they can't see the mountains on a winter day, that tells them it's snowing in those mountains and might be snowing on the valley roads soon (including on these two highways), too! But I guess CDOT now has a new, unintelligent person in charge these days of our cams - that we the Colorado taxpayers, pay for. A very unreasonable person to deal with when folks try to explain to her the problem over the phone, or try to send her emails - which she doesn't return.  

South of Villa Grove
(looking north to Poncha Pass, US Hwy 285)

South of Villa Grove
(from US 285 looking towards CO Hwy 17/San de Cristo Mts)

South of Villa Grove
(at US Hwy 285, Blanca Peak in distance on left)

(all cams from CDot)

Villa Grove, Co


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