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Antonito & San Antonio, Colorado 

Antonito and San Antonio are 2 small towns in southern Colorado in Conejos County, in the San Luis Valley, with Antonito the larger of the two, sitting just 5 miles to the north-northeast of neighboring San Antonio. The two towns share the same zip code (81120) and their populations are combined and listed under Antonito by the United States Census, and noted as having 781 people living in the two towns as of the 2010 census, with most of them living in Antonito. Antonito started out as a sheep herding camp known as "San Antonio Junction" and was later renamed Antonito so it won't be confused with nearby San Antonio, although other than for the locals, the confusion still exists. Antonito is the southern terminus of the San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad and the eastern terminus of the steam powered, narrow gauge Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. 

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- First Can from San Antonio, CO -

Looking south from San Antonio at volcanic San Antonio Mountain

San Antonio Mountain (elevation of 10,908 feet) is a free-standing volcanic peak located just inside New Mexico on the Colorado/New Mexico border. A distinctive feature, it can be seen from as far as 100 plus miles away in southern Colorado on clear days.
Unfortunately, CDOT went and lowered the cam's view to were you can no longer see this very cool mountain, which in turn totally ruins this shot. Yes, your tax money at work in the wrong way!

Colorado Hwy 17/US 285, 0.3 miles N of New Mexico Border LiveView: Looking North

(both cams from CDOT)

Next cam from Antonito, CO -

CO 17 at US 285 in Antonito: Looking East

Antonito & San Antonio Map

To view San Antonio on above map, just click on the minus (-) icon to expand the view

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