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Month Mean
Date Low
Date Heating
Date Dom
Jan 23.0 48.9 1/7   -8.4 1/2  1291 0 0.40 2 35 1/4 ENE
Feb 22.4 50.6 2/28 -12.9 2/4   1186 0 0.68 3 44 2/23 ENE
March 33.1 69.0 3/27   -1.2 3/11     979 0 0.59 3 41 3/20 ENE
April 42.1 71.4 4/24     9.7 4/13     678 0 0.75 6 61 4/22 ENE
Totals 32.3 71.4 4/24 -12.9 2/4    4134 0  2.42 2.7 61 4/22 ENE
Up until April 30
Above normal Below normal Normal

Temperatures recorded in degrees Fahrenheit. Wind Speed recorded in MPH.
Precipitation recorded in inches. Heating/Cooling degree base: 65.0.

Crestone Weather Notes For 2022

On January 21, two precipitation records were broken for the date: The .25 of an inch that fell and was recorded in the 24 hour period was a record high, which broke the old record of .14 of an inch that was set in 2018. Then the snowfall of 3.9 inches was also a record high for the date, breaking the old mark of 3.2 inches set in 1999.

On February 3, the high temperature only reached 14 degrees, breaking the old record low high for that date of 15 degrees, set in 2011. Then on the following day, in the early morning hours of February 4, the thermometer dropped down to -13 degrees, breaking the record low reading for that date of -11 degrees, which was set in 2016.... Then for the third day in a row, a new temperature record was set when on Feb 5, when the thermometer fell to -9 degrees, breaking the old weather record for the date of -7 degrees, set in 2020.

The Crestone/Baca area saw a record high temperature set on March 2, when the high for the day reached 60 degrees, which overtook the old record of 57 degrees, set in 2009. Then after that, several record low temperatures were set including: A record low high temperature reached on March 7 when the high was 28 degrees. This broke the old record low high for the date of 30 degrees, set in 1999. The average temperature for this day was 18 degrees, which was also a new record for the date. Also broke that day was the record low temperature for the date (which had been 5 degrees, set in 1998), when the thermometer dropped down to 4 degrees.... then on March 8, the high temp for that day was only 30 degrees, breaking the old coldest high reading for the date of 33 degrees, set in 2010. Finally, one last record low was set on March 11, when the temperature dropped down to -1 degrees, surpassing the old record low of +5 degrees, set in 2006. Yet the month closed out with a record high reading of 69 degrees on the 27th. The old record for that date was 67 degrees, set in 2019.

The first rain of 2022, which was mixed with snow, was seen and recorded on March 29.

Several weather records were broken or tied on April 13 in the Crestone/Baca. The first broken record was the day's high temperature, which only reach the freezing mark at 32 degrees, and in turn broke the old record low high reading of 36 degrees, set in 1983. Then the average high for the day was only 21 degrees, which shattered the old mark of 26 degrees, reached in 1987. Finally, the morning low of 9.7 degrees tied the old record low reading of 9.5 degrees, set back in 1997. Although the '97 reading was 0.2 degrees colder, all readings are rounded off to the nearest full degree, and in this case both readings are recorded as 10 degrees even.

The first 70 degree day of 2022 took place on April 19. Also on this day, the area saw not only its first 24 hour period of no freezing temps for 2022, but also saw the first 24 hour freeze free day since October 24, 2021, or a total of 176 straight days with (at least) nighttime freezing temperatures.


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