Steel Wheels Rocks....Dammit!!

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Posted by Stones Maniac on August 07, 1999 at 21:00:19:

Ok, is time to set the record straight....Steel Wheels is one of the Stones' greatest achievments. I know, I know...everyone who reads this has probably dropped their jaws by this time, going "WHAT??!!!?" Let me explain, ok?:)
Steel Wheels opens up with Sad, Sad, Sad. I have read others saying that this song didn't sound Stonesish...I say WHAT?????? This song has Stones written all over it!!
As for the rest of this album, there are hard rocking songs everywhere, as well as great ballads, such as Almost Hear You Cry.
I have NEVER heard any other Stones album that was this polished, this exciting, and this perfect. Ok, sure, this wasn't much of a convincing review, but I just think this album gets dissed too God, Rolling Stone magazine gave it 4 and a half stars when it came out, and it's sound deserves it. All in all, a kick-ass, rocking album...good work, boys.

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Subject: Re: Steel Wheels Rocks....Dammit!!


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