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Posted by friendly as a Ladybear, tougher than a rat on August 08, 1999 at 19:40:55:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Steel Wheels Rocks....Dammit!! posted by Stones maniac on August 08, 1999 at 12:28:52:

: : Stones Maniac,, yer preaching to the choir here! I love Steel Wheels. But don't forget to mention Slipping Away, which I thik is one of the best songs the Stones have ever done.

: How right you are, Ladybear...that song(Slipping Away) always brings me a good feeling everytime I hear true, so true.

I have a little more time to talk now...
I was surprised when I got on the net and started hanging out here, to find that Steel Wheels is not very well regarded by Stones fans. It took me a while to get into it when it came out, but I am glad that I kept listening to it. It's got everything: fast kick-butt rockers(Sad, Sad, Sad, Hold On To Your Hat, Rock In A Hard Place), groovy mystical stuff(Continental Drift- I think using the Master Musicians of Jajouka was an excellent and fitting tribute to Brian, but I digress..., Terrifying, Break The Spell), and two of the best songs Keith has ever done(Can't Be Seen, and Slipping Away). It has some beautiful, poetic lyric, some of Mick's best.

So lovers beware
If you lose your heart
Careful now, don't lose your mind
Don't mortgage your soul to a stranger
Don't be blinded by love

and The fields of Eden are full of trash
And if we beg and we borrow and steal
We'll never get it back
People are hungry, they crowd around
And the city gets bigger as the country comes begging to town

and Here come just another day
That's drifting away
Every time I draw a breath
It's dying away
First the sun and then the moon
One of them will be around soon
Slipping away
Slipping away....

I prefer this album to Voodoo Lounge and B2B, by far.
I hate to call it a 'comeback' album(so cliche), but I think it is. After all the fighting and negativity of the most of the eighties, many people assumed the Stones were basically through, and were just going to fade away. Then the wake up call, Steel Wheels, appeared. To me, what the boys were saying with SW is "You thought we were done? Well f*ck you! We're here, in your face, and we ain't going nowhere!"
Anyway, to those of you who don't like Steel Wheels all that much, give it another chance.

I get a cold chill
I get a cool thrill
Are you ready for the gilded cage?
Are you ready for the tears of rage?
Come on baby, don't let them drown you out...

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