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Posted by StonesCat on June 07, 1999 at 23:53:10:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: How Do You Think Brian Really Died? posted by Syph on June 07, 1999 at 17:02:20:

: But Cindy - many people who were close to Brian
: said that right before his death that he was less
: heavy in the dope and that leaving the Stones had
: lifted a huge burden off him. He was looking forward
: to the future etc. The fact that people still wonder
: about his death is due to the fact that there were
: many things that didn't add up. Speculation would
: not exist if it was so cut and dry like you think...
: and in the end, your " I think he f***ed up and drowned"
: is just as unfounded as the rest of the speculation. It's
: like talking about the JFK assasination - was there
: more to it or not...We'll probably never know, but
: when things don't add up speculation is the result
: of our human rational. Brian's speculation started
: with these things:

: 1. He had enemies very near him
: 2. He owed people large sums of money
: 3. He was an arrogant man who treated many people poorly
: 4. He was taken advantage of by his own staff and
: caretakers to the point of their stealing from him
: 5. Due to the fact that he was usually drunk/high/
: asthmatic, what better place to plot his death
: and make it look accidental
: 6. Not everyone's stories added up and/or matched
: from that night.
: 7. A "murder" story is a nicely fitting element in the history of the Stones
: 8. Anyone care to add to the reasons why speculation exists?

: Syph

I've always kind of believed it was a combination intentional death/accident. From everything I've heard I think Brian was a little out of it and the workers/hangers-on were kind of picking on him. I think they may have been pushing him under or holding him down, whatever, and it went too far. Out and out 1st degree murder seems pretty far out to me, especially since there were other people around at the time. Being that it sounds like everyone scattered pretty quickly, I think some guys just accidentally went too far, realized it, and split.

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