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Posted by Keno on May 07, 1999 at 01:21:01:

In Reply to: Newsflash!!~~~Emotional Rescue is better than Voodoo Lounge posted by Lord Voodoo on May 06, 1999 at 14:28:39:

Well I'll just compare you ratings to what I got on my album ratings page....NOTE: I made this rating list back in September of last year. Like all true fans, some of the ratings would change a bit today depending on what kind of mood I'm in. But it's late and I don't have the time to do a new list and this was true enough for me last year.

: we must examine the actual songs themselves. This could take some time. In my personal opinion, I would rank these songs as follows on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being Thief in the Night and 10 being Gimme Shelter:
: (ER)
: Dance pt 1: 4 Mediocre Disco song with bad wistle at beginning

I gave it a 6.1

: Summer Romance: 6 not bad


: Send it to Me: 8 cool goofy reggae

: Let Me Go: 9.2 the best song on the album, really cool

: Indian Girl: 6 I don't mind this one that much, although its so sappy

4.9 - one of the worst songs put out by the band.

: Where the boys all go: 6 ok song

6.3 - this song is it sounds like a remake of the song I Much Rather Be With the Boys, recorded in '63 with just Mick & Keef in the studio.

: Down in the Hole: 9.1 excellent blues song, one of thier best

6.0 - you give it a 9.1, really? For me, something sounds like its missing from this song.

: Emotional Rescue: 9.1 absolutely hysterical. The funniest and so obviously stupidest song in the 1970s

8.7 - best song on the album.
: She's so cold: 9 Kicks all types of ass

7.8 - yes this is a very good song.

: All about You: 9 A very nice Keith slow song. Up there with the worst and you got the silver(almost)

4.9 - its funny but this Keef song and the two on VL are IMO 3 of his worst.

: Average (75.4 divided by 10 songs)= 7.54

My average came out to 6.4

: (VL)
: Love is strong: 9 cool song, but definately not a hit

9.0 - same rating as you but I think it was a hit. Tied for best song on the album.

: you got me rocking: 9 best rocker on the album

6.5 - your average good rock song and nothing more.

: sparks will fly: 7 kind of a lame duck song

7.1 A true Stones song.
: the worst: 9 one of keiths better efforts

5.5 - most of Keef's songs are better than this one. Way better!

: new faces: 7 not bad not great


: moon is up: 5 easily the most annoying song on the album

6.0 - average
: out of tears: 9 very good slower song

: I go wild: 8 decent rocker

7.5 - another true Stones song.
: brand new car: 7 mediocre attempt at blues, the idea is ok, the song is just kind of lame

6.5 - I would have though I would have given this one at least a 7.0, today I would.

: sweathearts together: 6 talk about sappy

: suck on the jugular: 7 I was just expecting so much with that song name


: blinded by rainbows: 9 excellent song

9.0 - yes we agree on this one. A great anti-war song.

: baby break it down: 7 "we got a long way to go" - yup

6.1 - agree its got a long way to go. So why give it a good rating.

: thru and thru: 7 a drag, but its a keith drag

4.1 the lowest rating I gave to any of the Stones songs, ever, and I rated every studio album. Yes, in my book the all time worst Stone's song. Keef's voice is at his all time worst on this song. Shot city! Glad Keef made a big comeback on his B2B songs which his voice sounds much improved than the songs on these two other albums.

: mean disposition: 7 totally unmemorable album closer

6.1 - agree, but again you give several sevens to songs you don't care for. Why is that? In my book 7 is a better than average song.

: total average 113 divided by 15 = 7.53333333

My average - 6.6

: As you can see Emotional Rescue comes in just a bit ahead of VL. But it is almost too close to call. Therefore we must proceed to the final comparison.

VL wins in my ratings game. But it is close. I'm somewhat surprised, not with my ER picks but a few of my VL ones. I think today I might rate it a little higher. I mean I still play VL and dig it. I rarely play ER anymore.

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