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Posted by MONKEYMAN on April 11, 1999 at 01:02:01:

In Reply to: Re: Here's to all you senior citizens posted by Long winded WaterRat on April 10, 1999 at 14:49:36:

: >B2B was a good album. But to fairly judge the albums
: >and songs your ranting about you need to calm down turbo.
: >Go get yourself afew videos . " L&G the Rolling Stones",
: >"CS Blues", and afew Boot legs from these very explosive
: >years. I'm sorry that you were not (on this planet) born
: >and yet to experience the times and feelings of the day when
: >Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet were new. This seems to
: >very upsetting to you. Get yourself some help before ya
: >do anymore damage .
: >"The world was differnt place" is and understatement!
: >At that time, to see (also part of the over all experience)
: >and hear these songs live was something just short
: >or the second coming. If you think Jagger has some moves
: >now, Hold onto your socks. The above videos get my blood >going STILL, as well yours if you take a look. Imagine this live!
: >There is help. Get mommy and daddy to take you to a stones
: >show. Get near the B-Stage. Wait for the second of three songs.
: >That's right "Midnight Rambler" that over rated song you popped
: >off about) . The best live song in the set.
: >And tell me that lie again about the song being over rated and it >does nothing to you. Being 10 feet from MJ when he's prowling >every FUCKING inch of the small stage belting out
: >"every-body-got-ta-go".
: >YOU- really should have been there. Mick was (still is) amazing.
: Throwing water, swinging over the crowd on a rope, throwing rose petals, moving like he still does, only quicker and WAY more intense. You have no idea what this did to me as a kid half your
: >age. In short - YOU have no clue.
: PS - Love to here back from you. I'll even make you a copy of the
: Above mentioned videos. Get back to the Rat, send me a couple bucks to cover the cost of shipping and tapes and lets start the healing process. WR out!
:hey finally ive been trying to find ways of getting CS blues for years ill buy a copy if youll sell it by the way not all 19 year olds think in that ignorant way. im 19 and i think beggars banquet is probably the best stones album (PROBABLY) i appreciate it because it just about the most decadent, evil ,twisted,funny,creepy, and it has the best lead guitar work by keith richards ever. P.S. something ive always wondered who plays the electric slide guitar on parachute woman brian or keith?

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