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Posted by Long winded WaterRat on April 10, 1999 at 14:49:36:

In Reply to: Here's to all you senior citizens posted by stickyfingers on April 09, 1999 at 20:43:21:

>B2B was a good album. But to fairly judge the albums
>and songs your ranting about you need to calm down turbo.
>Go get yourself afew videos . " L&G the Rolling Stones",
>"CS Blues", and afew Boot legs from these very explosive
>years. I'm sorry that you were not (on this planet) born
>and yet to experience the times and feelings of the day when
>Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet were new. This seems to
>very upsetting to you. Get yourself some help before ya
>do anymore damage .
>"The world was differnt place" is and understatement!
>At that time, to see (also part of the over all experience)
>and hear these songs live was something just short
>or the second coming. If you think Jagger has some moves
>now, Hold onto your socks. The above videos get my blood >going STILL, as well yours if you take a look. Imagine this live!
>There is help. Get mommy and daddy to take you to a stones
>show. Get near the B-Stage. Wait for the second of three songs.
>That's right "Midnight Rambler" that over rated song you popped
>off about) . The best live song in the set.
>And tell me that lie again about the song being over rated and it >does nothing to you. Being 10 feet from MJ when he's prowling >every FUCKING inch of the small stage belting out
>YOU- really should have been there. Mick was (still is) amazing.
Throwing water, swinging over the crowd on a rope, throwing rose petals, moving like he still does, only quicker and WAY more intense. You have no idea what this did to me as a kid half your
>age. In short - YOU have no clue.
PS - Love to here back from you. I'll even make you a copy of the
Above mentioned videos. Get back to the Rat, send me a couple bucks to cover the cost of shipping and tapes and lets start the healing process. WR out!

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