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Posted by Mariajag on April 10, 1999 at 14:39:04:

In Reply to: Re: Re: So you think the Stones can't write a hit, huh. I'll tell you why they can't write a popular hit. posted by Lord Voodoo on April 10, 1999 at 11:41:34:

: :
: : : The stones are never going to create a hip song if they change to suite the masses.

: : : Don't ever tell them what they can and can't do. If you think that Mick's songs are no good now and outdated because he is occasionally anti women, then you need to learn a bit about human nature.

: : :Lets hope they don't sell out and listen to you

: : Let me clue you in to a bit about human nature, a guy singing about prostitutes is going to have a subzero appeal factor to most women. OOC was obviously aimed at men and still didn't do well. The Stones have from the very beginning made countless gender neutral hit songs. I don't remotely consider it "selling out" for them to return to these roots.

: : :Right now, the stones are walking a fine line between selling out and kicking ass again.

: : Considering each album sells progressively less, I don't see any basis for such blind optimism.

I am obviously referring to the Time Out article about their recent album sales.

If you really think that Jagger cares what you think of him or whether you buy his album your misguided and seriously delusional. He has 300 Million in the bank sister, he's got satisfaction. Musical integrity comes from not selling out to the opinion of the masses or even one specific social group, be it men, women, different races whatever.

MUSICAL INTEGRITY?? Is that what you'd call Mick's solo attempt at pop and especially his collaboration with M. Jackson? Note: all have my posts have related specifically to Mick and not the rest of the Band.

I don't want to hear a good riff backed up with bubblegum lyrics. That's pop. It doesn't last, it fades into the next onehit wonder. I don't care if you don't agree with the lyrics.

Critics have referred to some of the Stones' early songs as rock/pop. Rainbow hasn't faded and a lot of people like it.

Or if you have experienced the lyrics, I love the song sister morphine, but it does not ring a dejavu bell with me.

Nor does it with me. and BTW I happen to love that song.

Keno made a point about Gangsta Rap that you obviously ignored. Do you really think that the kill police motif in these songs influenced their sale in a negative way.

I really think that most fans of Gangsta Rap are men. I really think that Mick has had countless female fans who have drifted away.

: one other thing, remember this. Jagger and co. have made most of thier money in the last decade.

As was mentioned in the Time Out article, they make most of their money not from album sales but from touring (i.e. from people seeing their incredible live act, part of which is obviously a nostalgia draw, part of which is people wanting to see them before any of them die)

: Finally, I challenge you who are so wise, to sit down and write songs, and in 40 years, when you don't have millions to show for it, think to yourself, maybe I should have tried to speak my conscience a bit more. And how was Jagger so good at this.

Jagger is not remotely about conscience.(IORR should give you a clue about that.)

Get a grip on reality. Its not a perfect world, and just because you think something is not right in it doesn't mean you are right or that you should fix it.

Considering Jagger brought Babyface and Don Was into B2B, it's obvious Mick wants to fix/broaden the Band's appeal. He's gone about this by focusing on a song's musical packaging (ie electric guitars etc.) IMO he'd be better off concentrating on his lyrics.

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