Re: Re: So you think the Stones can't write a hit, huh. I'll tell you why they can't write a popular hit.

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Posted by Lord Voodoo on April 10, 1999 at 11:41:34:

In Reply to: Re: So you think the Stones can't write a hit, huh. I'll tell you why they can't write a popular hit. posted by mariajag on April 10, 1999 at 04:25:20:

Ok first off, about selling albums, Some Girls was and still is thier highest selling album ever, and Tattoo You wasn't far behind. So your argument that they are still living in the 60s doesn't float because their antiwomen songs suck as Some Girls came out then, oh yeah and also, their was that massive world tour that sold out everywhere it went that featured a gigantic inflatable penis, that was in 75 and 76. So again, not in the 60s. So two points are proved, the stones did not come from 1 decade, and their albums are not selling progressively less.

I am assuming the Time article your read (by those people who continually say that the Stones have been playing Moonlit Mile, Moonlit?) was refering to the albums from Steel Wheels on. Obviouly Stell Wheels did well. The greatest band ever had taken 5 years off and were assumed to have broken up for good. Then they have a comback album. It sells like crazy. But musically it wasn't that good. So the next album doesn't do as well, and that album although it was better isn't what many consider to be true stones, so the next one does worse. It has nothing to do with lack of hits on an album or antiwomen sentements. Satanic Majesties was one of their biggest sellers and it was not a very good album compared to what followed it and it didn't have a legitimate hit.

The stones have a very popular song called Bitch and aonther one called Dead Flowers, and another called Some Girls, and another called Star Star, maybe youve heard of them, and if you haven't go away, because you have no right talking about a band that you don't know the music from. These songs are all basically girlfriend was bad she's a bitch and I can do my own thing or she out screwing everyone. Basically antiwomen. You still didn't learn anything from the last lesson did you. I wasn't refering to your human nature. I was refering to the writer of the songs. If you really think that Jagger cares what you think of him or whether you buy his album your misguided and seriously delusional. He has 300 Million in the bank sister, he's got satisfaction. Musical integrity comes from not selling out to the opinion of the masses or even one specific social group, be it men, women, different races whatever. People like different things. Writers of books and songs are not supposed to write about what they think thier audience want to hear. That is the job of politicians. They are supposed to write about what they know, and that appeals to a certain audience. That's human nature, listening to something that appeals to you. I am so glad that Jagger was part of the stones. It gives meaning to a song when you actually listen to it and hear him say something. I don't want to hear a good riff backed up with bubblegum lyrics. That's pop. It doesn't last, it fades into the next onehit wonder. I don't care if you don't agree with the lyrics. Or if you have experienced the lyrics, I love the song sister morphine, but it does not ring a dejavu bell with me. I haven't been there or done that, few people have. But it says something, even if not that many people can say, yeah I did that. Its a song. But for you to try to dictate what someone can and cannot write in a vain attempt at possible influence of record sales in again delusional. Keno made a point about Gangsta Rap that you obviously ignored. Do you really think that the kill police motif in these songs influenced their sale in a negative way. Remember that song by Ice T, "copkiller", it sold very well. I don't think that everyone who bought that record wanted to kill cops.

one other thing, remember this. Jagger and co. have made most of thier money in the last decade. So appently pubilc opinion has been quite good to them despite writing songs that in your opinion should have made a large part of thier fanbase dissappear.

Finally, I challenge you who are so wise, to sit down and write songs, and in 40 years, when you don't have millions to show for it, think to yourself, maybe I should have tried to speak my conscience a bit more. And how was Jagger so good at this. I also challenge you to write something that isn't controversial if you write 1000 songs. Get a grip on reality. Its not a perfect world, and just because you think something is not right in it doesn't mean you are right or that you should fix it.

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