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Posted by king bee on March 09, 1999 at 19:07:43:

In Reply to: DC #2 posted by nankerphelge on March 09, 1999 at 05:18:26:

Had great seats for Mon. show. Great to see the focus on the band and the music, with no big visual aids, no inflatables, etc. What a great mix of tunes. I enjoyed the first half most. Enjoyed meeting some of the old StonesWorld exiles at Cap City. Didn't make it to Bottom Line, but on the metro after the show, there's a dude with a jacket with two familiar looking license plates on the back... aha, Stonesdoug it was! So we met after all. To me the band was most impressive in Saint and Out of Control. The energy in OOC was kinda scary. It took me back to the best parts of great shows over the years. When they're on, they're ON, and they were.

Ronnie played damn well! He was really there, truly with it most of the time. All Down the Line was great. He dispelled the worries about his attitude and role. They all seemed to enjoy it. I was a bit disappointed in the arrangement of Moonlight Mile, though glad to hear the song. Mick worked so hard with the guitar, I thought the magic of the vocals suffered. I missed the acoustic, too.
But all in all, a great band on a great night in a great American town. The Rolling Stones the way they should be, the way I wanted, the way Keith said he wanted, with minimal distractions, just a few amps, a small drum kit, the band and the music. Finally!

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