DC #2

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Posted by nankerphelge on March 09, 1999 at 05:18:26:

Great show again but a bit different:
They dropped Live With Me at #2 and went straight into Respectable. Personally, I thought it was much better.
Then All Down the Line at #3 -- Ronnie slid and slided and slud like crazy -- real Ronnie showcase. And he got to keep the slide for You Got Me Rockin
HTW went over very big with the crowd last night. The opening 5 songs were really well placed.
Moonlight Mile at #5 -- like Sister Morphine last time out, alot of people sat and looked puzzled. But it was very nicely done & Mick's voice was fine on the high notes.
Then Saint, Paint, and another fine rendition of Some Girls (although Mick got a bit mixed up on the lyrics -- but it didn't much matter)
Intros - Ronnie got much hooting -- Charlie too of course.
Keith was very well recieved and actually acknowledged Mick. In fact, there were a number of moments where he and Mick interacted.

Keef hit Thief and You Don't have to mean it.
The first was good, the second great -- Ronnie played keyboards again and was a riot -- he'd fuck up and start giggling and Chuck would set him straight for a few bars, then he'd fuck up again. The guy is such a goof!

OOC went off very well.

Small stage -- Rt 66, Just mY Imagination, and MR.
The sound wasn't right on this one -- they were using the PA over the small stage and we had heard that they had been having trouble with its sound. I think night #1 they used the main PA.
Or it might have been our seats -- we were right in front of the stage on Keith's side -- so the small stage was at the other end. I'll be curious to hear other reactions -- but it sounded muddy.

On the way back to the main stage, Ronnie went first and Keith second -- when Ronnie got to the steps leading to the stage he stopped -- Keith gave him a bear hug and carried him up the steps and wrestled with him. It was great -- I think Ronnie was having a great time with Keith last night.
Tumbling Dice went very well.

THEN IORR hit and I gotta say -- guys, if you are tired of this one, so are we. The whole show was doing great and they all get bored on this one -- Ronnie was just ho-hum about it -- Keith was sounding bad. He was playing to Lisa/Bernard/Darryl and he was either in the wrong key or using the wrong guitar or drunk or something -- it sounded bad -- even Mick turned around and had that "what the fuck are you doing" look.

Start Me up went over big too as did Brown Sugar
Sympathy wasn't as tight as night #1 -- Keith again was kind of in his own world.

Overall though, they were all more loose on the second night. Jagger chatted a lot more with the audience -- and got everyone singing and clapping a lot more. Ronnie played very well and Keith was just having fun. Very different than first night.
I think they have their A set-list which was night #1, very quickly paced and down to a science.
Night #2 is their fun night -- they tak a few chances, they seem more relaxed and less predictable (sort of).

Okay the first night I was floored by the youngsta Stones fan (see previous post)
Last night I was floored by the Rolling Stones management -- get this:
My wife and I are sitting right in front of the stage on Keith's side of the stage -- right where Mick or Keith come over to the edge by the audience.
The four seats next to us were opne during the Corrs -- then 4 people who are very VERY excited about their seats show up -- and with good reason.
Apparently, they had purchased seats in the last row of the upper deck behind the stage -- and just before the show, a member of the Stones organization came up and handed them 4 tickets down fron -- no charge -- they didn't sell, and "you've been upgraded!"
So here they come right in front of the stage -- the one woman giggled for 15 minutes straight. And over the course of the next few minutes, the management brought down a few more people to fill the seats that hadn't sold.
My faith in the band was never higher -- these folks were so pumped -- the guy that sat next to me had never seen them before -- he won't sonn forget it -- Jagger was 20 feet away from him!

Many many thanks to Stonesdoug for a great time at the bottom line -- mrs. nankerphelge and I had a great time meeting with you and checking out your scrap book.
And thanks to the junkies, who endured the loss of their friend and were a lot of fun.

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