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Posted by 2000 Man ( on November 16, 2000 at 13:57:35:

I still don't see why we spend so much time hating the Beatles around here. They're pretty interesting, and I'll disagree with that "article" that was posted below. At least where he says the Beatles are four marginally talented guys with a great producer. Then following it up with looks at their solo careers - that's crap. The Beatles were greater than the sum of their individual parts, just like the Stones. The Stones solo material is no where NEAR as good as their weakest group efforts. Listen to Stone Alone or Primitive Cool and tell me Dirty Work is worse than those with a straight face. The Stones and the Beatles are different, but they're both innovative and hugely influential. The Stones are more influential in the hard rock arena, while the Beatles are still a huge influence on pop music. You don't have to buy any Beatles greatest hits collections. You're free to ignore them all you want. I don't buy Stones greatest hits collections, either. I can't believe people are spending real money on cd's of Rewind or Made In The Shade. They're worthless releases to people with all the other releases.

I'd like to see the Stones open the vaults, at least while Keith and Mick are alive. A little polish never hurts anything, and they know what they were trying to do better than anyone else. But this would also mean the end of the Stones as a working unit, because they want to do new things. I guess being fans, we just want both. I'd like a new album once a month, but I guess it's not gonna happen. But I'd like to see a boxed set of the Rolling Stones Records label, anyway. They should work it out with ABKCO to get the soundtrack to Ladies And Gentlemen on as a bonus fifth cd for the original release, only. And a cool mini reproduction of the poster for the movie. Then release the movie, too.

Midnight Rambler is best in the studio. FPM already explained that better than anyone else can. He knows, too. He's the expert. He listened to that song EVERY DAY in the sixth grade. That my friend, is good enough for me. But I like every version I've ever heard of that one. But the whole Let It Bleed experience is one of Jimmy Miller's masterpieces. It just completely sucks you in. Get the fucking choir off of You Can't Always Get What You Want and you've almost got Exile on Main St.

Keep your motor runnin'...

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