MT in KC 2/8/00

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Posted by Stray Cat on February 09, 2000 at 20:16:18:

I arrived at the Grand Emporium around 7:30 and had a table saved for me by a friend right on the first row which was about 15 feet from the stage. After a 3 hour drive I was ready for some good 'ole KC BBQ and a beer. The place was already pretty full and I was ready for the show after reading the reviews so far.

About halfway through the opening act Mick walked right by our table with some of his entourage and to a room in the back of the club. I could have reached over and touched him but just said "Hi MIck" as did everyone else. He did not say anything back to us though.

Mick and his All-Star band hit the stage at a relatively early 9:20. The setlist was pretty much the same as previous reviews. You Gotta Move really got the place going and was one of my favorites. You Shook Me was killer, as was the instrumental jam that showcased everyone in the band. The band was very tight and layed down a powerful foundation for MT to show off his playing, and man can he play. His playing was absolutely incredible. His lead and slide work was simply amazing. He is the Real Deal! The show lasted about 1 hour and 50 minutes and ended with an encore with CYHMK. That jam simply brought the house down. He did, however, play the whole set with his Sunburst Les Paul from start to finish. No guitar changes at all.

As I said at the start, we had a table up in the first row. People did stand at the front of the stage but it wasn't to crowded so I could see MT perfectly all night. I did move up and stood right at the front of the stage for the last song and encore.

After the show, a roadie said he would sign autographs after taking a short rest in his bus, but 5 minutes later, he was outside his bus, winter coat on, standing in the parking lot signing anything you had. I had him sign my ticket stub and my brother had his GHS, IORR, and a MT album signed. He was very nice and gracious to us. We thanked him and he thanked us for coming. I told the keyboard player that I didn't realize how good MT really was. He said he didn't either and is amazed every night standing up there with him.

Go see this guy if you have a chance. It is well worth it for the $13 to $16 ticket price. As far as the debate between MT and Ronnie, there is none. MT wins hands down. I understand after seeing him the reason he left the Stones. The Stones probably restricted his playing unless they would have played songs like Love In Vain all night. He is a blues guitarist and thrives in the setting he has now. Mick is the greatest!!!!!


PS. I did not meet young Joey, I think he or she wants to stay annonymous. What did you think of the show Joey?????

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