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Posted by Mr. Ventilator on February 10, 2000 at 11:01:00:

In Reply to: Re: Re: MT in KC 2/8/00 posted by Syph on February 10, 2000 at 10:39:34:

: Keith worked double? Damn, that means he played BOTH chords that night...! And that one bent note solo Keith has been working to death for the last 4 years musta made his OTHER finger sore. My point being - if Ronnie goes, then Keith has got to go too. They both just pose. That's it. Ronnie got together with Rod for unplugged and tore it up. (Don't anyone tell me that that's because it was ACOUSTIC! - A geetar is a geetar) I think Ronnie has been held back in the Stones just like Mick T. was. How many times have we seen a Jagger/Richards/Wood composition? Or better yet a Jagger/Wood, Richards/Wood or just a Wood/Wood? Ronnie's had fun, got a big ass paycheck, done lots of drugs, seen the world a gazillion times, met a tremendous amount of people etc. He's a perfect fit for Mick and Keith and Charlie. Maybe not for all of us, but for the STONES he is. He's there for reasons that may not be completely apparent to us. Mick T. is gone and has stayed gone for reasons too. Keith and Mick T. were never friends like Keith and Ronnie are. That's the clincher.

: Syph

I agree with you all down the line Syph. Especially the bit about Keith just posing. Ronnie can probably still play , but he will never show Keith up. He knows his place. The Stones have been lugging Keith around like a ball and chain for at least ten years. The fans won't accept the Stones without Keith, so the charade continues.

MT might go back to the Stones if they asked, assuming he needed the money. But he'd never stay, because the Stones aren't doing anything today that is the kind of music he wants to play. And Keith wouldn't want him around because MT would embarrass him as a player.

For better or worse - mostly for worse recently - the Stones are Keith's band, and nobody shows up Keith. MT rejoining the band would shatter the delicate illusion that sustains the Stones now. It's all pretend. Keith pretends to play, and fans pretend not to notice that there no there there anymore. Fans are happy. Keith is Happy. The Stones won't mess with it.

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