Re: Long Distance Information, 90 miles from Memphis Tenn.

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Posted by Vacendak on January 23, 2000 at 09:05:54:

In Reply to: Long Distance Information, 90 miles from Memphis Tenn. posted by steel driving hammer on January 22, 2000 at 21:38:35:

Ummmmm.....WOW. Excellent! Now I feel much better, Steel Driving at Midnight Lyric Mangler Hammer! Yessir, this is the proof I need! Halelujah! There IS someone more twisted, more warped, and (much) more (borderline psychotic) Stones-obsessed than I!! Satisfaction indeed! So Congratulations, Mr. Hammer! You've certainly got a Heart of Stone, but What a Shame it is that now that the Dirty Work's done, your fragile soul has been Shattered and your poor brain has Grown Up Wrong. Stoned on 19th Nervous Breakdown wine, yeah, Talkin' 'Bout You, you have ceased to speak clearly and your Stonetalk has become too complicated. With A ain In My Heart,I have been Thinking, What To Do? You Can't Always Get What You Want, but somehow we must Shine A Light and find a way for you to Stop Breakin' Down. You're Crackin'Up, You Gotta Move Around and Around or the Hand of Fate will be dealt. Try A Little Harder to seem Respectable, avoid any Ventilator Blues, and be careful to Not Fade Away. Yea, during this bleak Moonlight Mile we must travel before the Stones rumble once more, Hold Back your imulses, take each day Little By Little, and with our help you'll get some Sleep Tonight. Soon it will be the dawn of 2001, and we will once more Break the Spell of mediocity and witness the rebirth of the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World!! So Hammer, defy your Mixed Emotions and do not get Out of Control. 'Twould be a Shame, Shame, Shame indeed if the next Stones tour rolled down Route 66 too late, to find a Highwired, Out Of Time, Steel-Driving Hammered, Swaying to some unheard Melody, muttering "Something Happened To Me Yesterday".....looking at the Stones and sayin' "Hey....where's Ringo?" (LO (frickin') L)..........Rock On.......Vacendak (....SOMEBODY had to have Sympathy For The Devil...)

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Subject: Re: Re: Long Distance Information, 90 miles from Memphis Tenn.


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