Tonights Sacramento Set List as well as other BAD FEELINGS I am starting to have.

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Posted by THE JIMMY WHITLEY on February 07, 1999 at 03:48:01:

I had to come back home to put my girlfriend to bed and I am heading back out to PARTY. While I am here though I can't leave all my partners in crime without the goods so here goes my shorthand version of the set list: 1. JUMP JACK FLASH 2.LIVE W/ME 3. RESPECTABLE 4. YOU GOT ME RKN 5.HONKY TONK W. 6. RUBY TUESDAY 7.DEAD FLOWERS 8. SOME GIRLS 9. SAINT OF ME 10. PAINT IT BLK. BAND INTROS-KEITH'S SONGS (ARE YOU READY?) 11. BEFORE THEY MK ME RN. 12. THIEF IN T. NIGHT. 13. OUT OF CNTL.-NO CAGE AGAIN. TO SMALL STAGE 14. RTE 66 15. WHEN THE WHIP COMES DOWN 16. MID RAMBLER BACK TO BIG STAGE 17. TUMBLIN DICE 18 THE HOT ROCKS ENDING/ENCORE YOU ALREADY KNOW AND "LOVE". Yes it was true,NO SILVER. Basically down to Some girls in the obscure and now with dice being returned the regular fucking 6 songs that we all love so much. The term STADIUM SET LIST comes to mind. I will be brief because I am going to go party. After returning to the big stage from the little one ,the band (especially Keith and Ronnie) looked really FUCKING BORED! Total auto-pilot mode. Mick's voice sounded very good in a very shitty accoustic arena. I could see Syph from up where I was. I am looking forward to compare our notes being that he had great seats and much better sound. There several times where Mick sounded like that teacher on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. "whomp, whomp, whomp, etc" I just hope that maybe it was just me or the band itself had an off night. I hope it's not a sign to come. I am going to bail for a few hours now! There is a few things I have gotta taste! LATER-JIMMY

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