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Posted by StonesCat on December 02, 1999 at 23:34:51:

In Reply to: Re: Beggars Banquet & Brian posted by Keno on December 02, 1999 at 18:45:01:

: : Just a general follow-up question. What, if any, harmonica parts do you think Brian is responsible for on the lp? Many over at Gerry's message board think he plays on "Dear Doctor" and "Prodigal Son" but not "Parachute Woman." Your thoughts? BTW, the Rolling Stone magazine on Brian's death in '69 has photos of him doing harmonica overdubs.

: I always felt that it was easly to tell the difference between Brian & Mick's harmonica playing. It was pointed out here last week, (see "The List' in Nov. archives) on how Brian played harmonica more aggressive than Mick ever does. I agree. Brian was the better player yet Mick is still one of the best harmonica players in rock. On BB I only hear Mick's playing. I have that issue of Rolling Stone but it doesn't say when the picture was taken. It could very well have been shot in '67. Yet someone here awhile ago wrote about a quote from Jimmy Miller where he claimed that Brian did play some harmonica for the sessions. But once again, that doesn't mean it made it to the album. We all know he played guitar on SFTD in the sessions but it was not used on the album track. So anyway, I don't hear Brian's harmonica on BB, but I could be wrong, anyone else what to add to this?

This isn't totally related, two tangential things. Ever see the old interview(from 72 or 3) where Mick cops to faking the harmonica on Sweet Virginia live? I never paid any attention, but once you hear some shows from back then there is alot of similarity, but I don't think it was an every night thing. He said it tore up his lips.

And, I've got the boot BlueStones, with a bunch of their blues stuff from the 60s and early 70s. It has what the Fingerprint File says is a rare 45 version of Parachute Woman. It's got some stinging guitar on top of the chug a lug guitar on the released version of that. Anybody else ever heard this and/or know who is playing it? Cool version.

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