Denver Show Review

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Posted by Keno on February 03, 1999 at 04:33:08:

Holy shit, what can I say, the show tonight was a blast! I was half worried (as was most) about how Mick's voice would be and if he would be running all over the place if he wasn't feeling well. Well, with the exception of having to blow his nose about 4 or 5 times, you would never know he was sick and unable to perform just a few days ago. Mick's voice was fine, maybe not as strong as when I last saw him in in New Mexico in '97 but he still sounded great, not just for the first few numbers but up till the encore. He was his usual self running all over the place. It's hard to imagine that he's in his mid 50s. About half of all people that age who come to visit Colorado take one to three days to get use to the altitude and have loss of breath. But not Mick, if you considered he just had the flu and isn't use to being at 5200+ feet, its unreal just how great a show he put on. It wasn't just Mick either, the whole band was hot! Remember when we were talking about Ronnie and how poorly he performed on the B2B tour. Well you can forget about that tour as far as Mr Wood goes. He was full of life, running around the stage, some real nice guitar weaving with Keef and even sang back up vocals for a bit on Sympathy! Keith's voice was the best I've heard from him live since the 70s. You Got The Silver was just unreal, I could go on and on about this one. With Ronnie's beautiful slide going strong, it sounded like what you hear on Let It Bleed! He not only remember all the words, but his voice was sharp! This for me was the highlight of the show! His guitar playing also was A-OK. Then there was Charlie. What can I say, the man just gets better with age! His beat sounded like mid tour form, best I've seen from him yet. Truth being the whole band sounded as if this tour had been running for months, hard to believe this was only the 3rd show! A few other show highlights besides YGTS, was Memory Motel, Mick's voice was very sharp on this one. Then on the small stage which we were 6 rows from, they played Rt. 66, Just My Imagination and another show highlight - Midnight Rambler. I think at this point Mick realized his voice was holding up fine and shit, did he belt out this song, not to mention his fine harmonica playing which sounded as good as ever. Two last highlights, first, Paint It Black! I take back what I said last week here about this song not being any good live without a sitar. Keef's guitar was outstanding!! I still can't help but think of Brian when I hear this song and Keef's guitar came as close as sounding like Brian's sitar, more then I would have thought possible. The last highlight was the encore, Sympathy For the Devil. Yeah, I know, you figured I would praise this one. But it was not only my love for this song that made it a highlight. They played this as well as I've seem then play it and the crowd loved it, after the show was over fans in the parking lot was screaming out woo-woo, who-who! BTW, the crowd was as cool as it gets. Everyone stood & danced throughout the entire show, except for Keef's second number, Thief In The Night where most sat (except those on the floor) and some made a dash for the bathrooms. Is it really true that at other locations fans really sit down for most of the show and some wear ties?!? I did not see anyone in a damn tie, it WAS a true Rock crowd many in Stones shirts (I wore my '81 tour shirt)although it was a older crowd. But still I a saw a bunch of younger kids, too.
Well, it's after 4am here, guess I'll pull a all nighter, I'm not one bit tired, the Stones do that to me, I just can't sleep after a show like that!
One last thing, I would not worry about the rest of this tour, Mick is fine!

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