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Posted by Keno on February 03, 1999 at 12:25:28:

In Reply to: Re: Denver Show Review posted by Fleabit Peanut Monkey on February 03, 1999 at 11:25:51:

: Thanks for the report! Sounds great - I'm glad Keith spent the time off rehearsing YGTS, rather than just saying "screw it, I'll do Little T & A instead."

Yeah. When Keith first sang his solo bit on Memory Motel, I said to my friend Helen, " his voice is back! He sounds great!" It made for a buildup for YGTS. I also noticed Keith doesn't smoke on stage anywhere near the way he used to. I only saw him light up once, when they did the band intro. No wounder his voice is sounding better.

:I'm especially pleased that they found a way to keep Midnight Rambler AND Sympathy in the setlist. At MSG, when they started "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" on the 2nd stage, I thought it was Midnight Rambler....then I thought, naw, they wouldn't do that one on the small stage - it might kill someone! (me!!!!).

Then you might be ready to meet your maker when you attend the show. I have a feeling they will keep this on the small stage. Mick was prancing all over the place on this one and getting it on with the crowd. Only thing missing was his whip!

: My only concern - I hope they can pull off "Moonlight Mile" again at one of the shows I attend. "Memory Motel" I've seen several times - it's really good, BUT... "Moonlight Mile" falls into the dream-come-true category.

I must agree not hearing Moonlight was perhaps the only bummer of the night. But although I'm not a big fan of M. Motel, it was a hightlight to the show for me just by the way he belted it out. Also, as narkerphelge points out below, yes , more warhourses than expected. Wish they would drop Respectable (not a warhorse but they seem to play it all the time) and I wasn't in the mood for IORR, yet many in the crowd were as they sang along, which in turn made the song more fun to hear. I usually grow tired of forced sing alongs but this was not at all asked for by Mick, everyone just started to join in and considering it was one of the last numbers tells you just how much the crowd enjoyed the show. The hell with what the RMN says about the price of the tickets. For me it was worth EVERY PENNY!

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