I finally, in early 2009, got around to updating this home web site. Seems back when I first built and published this site in late 1998, personal home pages were the big thing to have on the net. But with so many social sites around today, they are losing favor and most people don't have home pages anymore. So I was thinking of taking this site off-line. But I'm still not like most people and I'm still not your normal guy (that is just me, and I can't be and don't want to be any other way!). So for now I did make some minor changes to this site, yet nothing big time. If you read this page over 10 years ago, well it is pretty much the same today. Plus I may still take it down sooner or later, but then again, I may not. Time will tell. Not that it really matters. I no longer have any links up to it from my other sites (haven't for years), and it is now up on only one last web ring. So there is a good chance you came from there, or perhaps from a search engine, as this place is still listed with them, too. But again, it don't really matter how you found this place, you are here now, so welcome, and if you like, feel free to check it out!....


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