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Name: pluto
Subject: This just in (ssc)
Date: Sunday, May 19, 2013
Time: 9:04:35 AM
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This just in (ssc)

'Itchycoo Park' will be flying in to N.Y. tomorrow. That's right, my wee school pal Ronnie and his band will be touching down Stateside for a short tour. Here are the dates: Tues 21st, Staten Island Community T.V...Wed 22nd,BB King Club New York 8pm...Fri 24th 'Abbey Rd on the River' Louisville 3pm and 11pm...Sat 25th 'Abbey Rd on the River' 3.15pm...Now the name of the band should tell you everything you need to know about what you're going to hear, but just to be clear, this is the closest you're going to come to getting an authentic feel of what it was like in the clubs and pubs way back then, here in dear old Blighty. From 'beat' through 'psychedelia'.Braving the elements, me and all my girls, , took a trip to hear them last night up in 'Sammy's'. Wonderful as always, such harmonies! Now while I suspect the band have a bias in favour of the 'fabs', they did treat us to three 'stones' classics, TGWTFAE, TD and JJF. So, my Americano hipsters flipsters and finger poppin' daddies, if you're in the neighbourhood do yourself a favour and get down to hear the lads. It's a case of be there or be L7, my friends. Just don't say nobody told you! One last thought. Back in the day, every bloke on the ponderosa including myself, was in love with wee Ronnie's sister Eunice. She was of course, out of our class! Oh, another last thought...just what is so funny about peace, love and understanding?...This is pluto your U.K. correspondent for 'gasland', propping up a bar somewhere on the Southside, handing you back to Keno in the studio.

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