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- Donations to Gasland -

Here is your chance to help out Gasland!

The It's A Gas! Gas! Gas! Measure Board is the oldest Stones board on the net, and still going strong, in part thanks to the Gassers who post there, and the many other fans who lurk. Unlike most web message boards which are free to the hosts who run them, Gasland has monthly and yearly bills to be paid, and because of it's popularity and very heavy use, unlike most web sites and domains that pay a small fee for renting out a shared server, Gasland can only operate on a stand alone sever, which costs a lot more to rent. Plus because the board is so busy, there's a lot of clean-up work to perform each month. So yes, donations to the Land of Gas of any size are appreciated!

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Must one send in a donation to post or lurk in Gasland?

No! Gasland is still a free web community, nobody has to pay anyone anything to hang out and enjoy the place.

Then why ask for donations?

Simple. The board loses money most months, and all the free hours of work performed by me, Keno, Gasland's webmaster, has to be performed by somebody to keep Gasx3 going. Yet I no longer have as much free time as I once did to do this work. In addition to that, unlike other modern-day message boards which most web sites use for free and don't own, Gasland was built for, and is owned and maintained by the domain ( So besides maintance costs, and because of the very high traffic volume Gasx3 generates each hour, the domain has to pay rent on an expensive stand alone server, too.

How much should I donate?

That is totally up to you. I don't suggest any amount. Any amount sent in, big or small, will be appreciated. But please, only send in what you can afford and again, DO NOT feel that you have to send me money if you can't afford to do so.

I can't afford to give any cash to the cause, can I help out in other ways?

Yes, you can support our sponsors who pay for the few ads we allow at Gasland, by visiting their websites.

What other ways can I help?

As in the past, buying CDs, music posters or T-Shirts from any of my web sites located within, goes towards helping out Gasland. It costs very little to run all of the domain's other sites, 99% of the costs involved for running is directly attributed to the message board. So any cash made off of any ads, anywhere on, goes towards running Gasx3.

OK, I want to send in a donation, how do I go about helping out Gasland?

First, let me thank you in advance for wanting to help out the board in this matter.

To donate to Gasland using your credit card, via PayPal:

To donate to Gasland using a check or money order (US funds only), please made out order to Keno Internet Services, and please send to the following snail mail address:

Keno Menechino
P.O. Box 413
Crestone, CO, USA, 81131

Please make sure to include your email address with your donation so I can get back to you and let you know that your donation was received, and thanks again!

A special thanks to those who have help out in the past.

To those who want to learn a bit more on how Gasland got started, please click on: The History of Gasland.

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