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Lets face it, if you read any of the Stones messageboards on the web or the Stones newsgroup, you can get lost a bit with all the acronyms and nicknames that your fellow fans use. The lists below should help you out some.

Please note these lists are not in alphabetical order, except the album list.

Band Members:

The Mick, The Lips, MJ, Ol' Rubberlips - Mick Jagger
MT, Little Mick -
Mick Taylor
K, Keef, Keif, Keef Riffhard, The Human Riff, The Riff, The Riffmeister, The Human Laboratory, Lord Richards of Dartford, Sir Keith, Jah Keith - Keith Richards
BJ, The Golden Stone, Elmo Lewis - Brian Jones
Sir Charles, The Silent Stone, Charlie Boy- Charlie Watts
BW, Stone Face, Bill Hymen - Bill Wyman
Woody, The Woodman, The Eternal Guest - Ron Wood
Stu, The Sixth Stone - Ian Steward
Edward - Nicky Hopkins
ALO - Andrew Loog Oldham
Mr Jimmy - Jimmy Miller
Glimmer Twins - Mick Jagger & Keith Richards
The Boys, The Strolling Bones, World's Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band - The Rolling Stones
Nanker Phelge - Writing credit used for the Rolling Stones in the early 60s.


ABB -OR- BANG - A Bigger Bang
AM - Aftermath
B2B -
Bridges To Babylon
- Beggars Banquet
BnB -
Black 'n Blue
Between The Buttons
B&L - Blue and Lonesome
DC - December's Children
DW - Dirty Work
ENHM - England's Newest Hit Makers
ER - Emotional Rescue
EOMS -OR- EXILE - Exile On Main Street
F - Flowers
GHS - Goats Head Soup
GLIYWT - Got Live If You Want It
HR - Hot Rocks
IORR - It's Only Rock n Roll
LIB - Let It Bleed
LUL -OR- LYL - Love You Live
META - Metamorphosis
MITS - Made in The Shade
NS - No Security
OOOH - Out Of Our Heads
SAL - Shine a Light
SATANIC MAJESTIES, TSMR -OR- TSM Their Satanic Majesties Request
SF - Sticky Fingers
SG - Some Girls
SIT70s - Sucking In The 70s
SL - Still Life
SW - Steel Wheels
TRSN - The Rolling Stones Now!
TY- Tattoo You
VL - Voodoo Lounge


YCAGWYW - You Can't Always Get What You Want
CS BLUES - Cocksucker Blues
GOOMC - Get Off Of My Cloud
HYSYMB - Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby (Standing In The Shadows)
JJF - Jumpin' Jack Flash
SFTD -OR- SYMPATHY - Sympathy For The Devil
MM - Memory Motel  -or- Monkey Man -or- Moonlight Mile
WTWCD - When the Whip Comes Down
BTMMR - Before They Make Me Run
RAAHP - Rock and a Hard Place
GS - Gimme Shelter
ICGNS - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
BS - Brown Sugar
ATPTB - Ain't Too Proud To Beg
LARS - Like A Rolling Stone
ABSMB - Anybody Seen My Baby
CYHMK - Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
COTM - Child Of the Moon
CC&C - Cool, Calmed & Collected
IYRWTBMF - If You Really Want To Be My Friend
IJW2ML2Y I Just Want To Make Love To You
LSTNT - Let's Spend The Night Together
SHTMY - Something Happened To Me Yesterday
SMU - Start Me Up
SFM - Street Fighting Man
RT - Ruby Tuesday
HTW - Honky Tonk Woman
2000LYFH - 2000 Light Years From Home
2120SMA - 2120 South Michigan Avenue
ASMB - Anybody Seen My Baby
BNC - Brand New Car
DLS - Dance Little Sister
FAE - Far Away Eyes
MLH - Mother's Little Helper
NE - No Expectations
PIB - Paint It Black
RO - Rocks Off
SOM - Saint Of Me
TLT - The Last Time
UMT - Under My Thumb
ONNYA - On No Not You Again
RJ - Rough Justice
D&G - Doom and Gloom
Plundered My Soul

Miscellaneous Stuff:

NSC - No Stones Content. Found in a post's title, means that the post is off topic and not about the Stones.
SSC - Some Stones Content. Means only a part of the post is about the Stones.
LSC - Little Stones Content. Means only one sentence in the post is about the Stones.
Gasx3 - It's a Gas, Gas, Gas! Message Board
Gasland -  It's a Gas, Gas, Gas! Message Board
Gassers or Gaslanders - People who post or hang out at It's a Gas, Gas, Gas! Message Board
Stones NG - Stones newsgroup
Treefort - It's a Gas, Gas, Gas! Message Board
Land Of Gas - It's a Gas, Gas, Gas! Message Board
urkers - Non-Gassers (aka non posters) who only read It's a Gas, Gas, Gas! Message Board
GGG MB - It's a Gas, Gas, Gas! Message Board
"Over There------>" - The other Stones messageboards out there on the web

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