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Below is my 40 favorite John Lennon songs. Click on the song for the lyrics.

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1 IMAGINE One of his best written and most powerful rock songs ever!
2 NORWEGIAN WOOD Song about an affair and some claim also about marijuana. Yes it is good, Norwegian Wood!
REVOLUTION John plays a mean lead guitar which helps make this song great.
IN MY LIFE One of his first great songs where you can just feel what he is singing about.
INSTANT KARMA Another masterpice with some fine hard drumming from Alan White.
6 LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS Maybe not about LSD, but surely he was buzzed when he wrote this gem.
7 I AM THE WALRUS Another one of those Lennon songs with such wonderfully twisted lyrics. Goo goo g'joob!
STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER You can say the same thing for this one as was said for the last two
A DAY IN THE LIFE Best song on Sgt. Pepper's, written with just a little help from Paul.
10 MOTHER One of his most haunting songs.  Written about his absentee parents..




11 BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO John and Paul play all of the instruments on this song, with fine results.
12 COME TOGETHER Another song with witty lyrics
13 GLASS ONION Taking a look back via a glass onion.
14 YOU GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY The song's title was directed towards the Beatles gay manager, Brian Epstein.
15 GOD John might not had been an Atheist, but damn do us Atheists connect with this masterpiece.
16 COLD TURKEY Anybody who has ever gone through drug withdrawals can relate  with this song.
17 NOWHERE MAN About a loner.
18 GIRL One of several Lennon songs with a double meaning attached to it.
19 WOMAN Written for Yoko.
20 CRIPPLED INSIDE A song written about those politically to the far right, and full of truth!
21 HELP! Written by John overnight while the Beatles were filming their new movie and a new song was asked for asap by the producers.
22 HOW DO YOU SLEEP? Written about Paul in return to his writing "Too Many People" about John
23 TICKET TO RIDE One of John's favorite Beatles' lead guitars parts is on this song, and it's played by Paul.
24 THE CONTINUING STORY OF BUNGALOW BILL Some Beatle fans don't like this song - but I  love it!
25 STARTING OVER His come back song, and sadly, one of his swan songs, too.
26 GIVE PEACE A CHANCE Recorded with friends during the famous Bed-In for Peace
27 GROW OLD WITH ME Never completely finished, last song he was working on when killed. Still a masterpiece as it is.
28 JEALOUS GUY Song's opening lyrics written to his son Julian, the rest was written for Yoko.
29 GIVE ME SOME TRUTH Another song along the same lines of "Cripple Inside"
30 WATCHING THE WHEELS About living in retirement and loving it.
31 OH YOKO! A happy-go-lucky song about his lover.
32 DIG A PONY John, in a coded way, talks about the people and things in his life.
33 WHATEVER GETS YOU THRU THE NIGHT Number 1 single, with a little help from Elton John.
34 WORKING CLASS HERO About growing up brainwashed and joining the establishment
35 BRING ON THE LUCIE (FREDA PEEPLE) Another song calling for more power to the people.
36 HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) Written for John's son, Yoko's daughter, and all of their fans.
37 I'M SO TIRED John wrote this about living with one person (Cynthia), while wanting to be with another (Yoko).
38 NOBODY TOLD ME About everyday problems in life that we all must live with.
39   MIND GAMES Love is the answer, amongst other things.
40 ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE But in the end, love is all you need!

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  Favorite John Lennon songs picked by fans, both with The Beatles and solo