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Question: What is Classic Rock?

Answer: Sounds like a simple question, but depending on who you ask, you will get different answers. Since I started this site I've received several emails asking why this artist or that band isn't included on my site while others are. Well for me anyway, I look at any band or artist that played pure rock 'n roll from the mid to late sixties, up to the mid seventies, as Classic Rock acts. This is why you will not see any rock bands/artists on this site that started out after that time frame. Yes I know that there are bands/artists that have formed since then that play classic rock. But this site is more of a salute to the older rock artists and groups. In time those newer bands may or may not be added to the site. On the other side of the coin there are few artists and bands that came about before the mid-sixties and some of them are covered here. Without these greats, Classic Rock never would have evolved, so that's why they are included on some of my lists, etc. Fifties and early sixties rock may not fall into anybody's list as "Classic Rock", but the output from that time was pure classic - and rock! I also include a lot of Motown, Soul, R&B and Blues Artists and Groups on my site because, IMO, they were another big piece of the puzzle that made up the Classic Rock scene of yesterday, even if today sadly, most Classic Rock Radio Stations have forgotten this in their programming.

- Keno

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