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Released - 1994, Virgin Records.  Produced by The Glimmer Twins and Don Was


Mick Jagger - Lead and Backing Vocals; Harmonica; Maracas; Acoustic and Electric Guitars.
Keith Richards - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic and Bass Guitars; Backing and Lead Vocals; Piano; Tambourine.
Ronnie Wood -  Lead, Steel, Acoustic, Rhythm and Slide Guitars; Backing Vocals.
Charlie Watts - Drums and Percussion.

Additional Personnel:

Darryl Jones, Chuck Leavell, Bernard Fowler, Ivan Neville, Frankie Gavin, Luis Jardim, Benmont Tench, Bobby Womack, Lenny Castro, Phil Jones, David McMurray, Mark Isham, Max Baca, Flaco Jimenez, Pierre de Beauport.

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2019 RATING*
LOVE IS STRONG 9.2 10.0 10.0
YOU GOT ME ROCKING 6.5   7.3   7.4
SPARKS WILL FLY 7.4   7.2    7.8 
THE WORST 5.5   6.0    6.2 
NEW FACES 6.8   7.0    7.5 
MOON IS UP 6.1   6.5    6.8 
OUT OF TEARS 6.8   6.9    7.8 
I GO WILD 8.4 10.0    8.8 
BRAND NEW CAR 6.8   7.0    8.0 
SWEETHEARTS TOGETHER 6.8   7.0    7.5 
SUCK ON THE JUGULAR 6.7   7.0    7.4 
BLINDED BY RAINBOWS 9.2   8.4   10.0 
BABY BREAK IT DOWN 6.1   6.2    6.7
THRU AND THRU 4.1   5.0    4.9
MEAN DISPOSITION 6.1   6.4     7.0 
Ave. Rating 6.85   7.20   7.58


Yes, when this came out it was The Stones best album since Some Girls, just shows what getting back to basics can do for ya. Lots of steel and slide guitars, mostly from Ronnie Wood, who shines on several tunes.

Mick Jagger is back with his harmonica on three songs, but on the Stones best song in years, "Love is Strong", his harp is so strong that you can compare it to his playing on the classic "Midnight Rambler", it might be even better here. Keith Richards shows us some great guitar licks and a hot bass on "Brand New Car", but he has had better albums vocally. His lead singing on "Thru and Thru" is weak and the song drags on too long. Then on "The Worst", well lets just say Ronnie saves the day on this one with once again a great pedal steel.

"Blinded By Rainbows" is a great antiwar song in an era where you never hear them anymore, perhaps the reason some of the younger fans didn't appreciate it. "I Go Wild" and "Sparks Will Fly" are two more hot rockers. With 15 tracks, this is their second longest studio album. Good job boys!

- - Keno - 1998

*Old Ratings vs. New Ratings

The oldest ratings that you see here are from back in 1998 when I first rated the album for this site. Since time does change one's point of view, I decided to listen to and rate the album again, doing so in late 2005. In January, 2019, 20 plus years after the first ratings were made, I rated all of the songs for a third time. Also note that I did not look at the old ratings from 1998 until after I placed my new ratings here in both 2005 and 2019.  

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