Keno's Weekly Rock-N-Roll Poll

Week: 588
Date: 9/25/2017
Question: What album cover banned or censored because of issues other than nudity, shouldn't been banned?(covers)
Your Vote Option Votes Percent
  If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears ('66) - Mamas and the Papas - Cover featured the 4 members in tub & shows a toilet in the corner. The inclusion of the toilet was controversial for 1966
238 22.1%
  Wish You Were Here ('75) - Pink Floyd Artwork shows 2 men shaking hands, with one on fire. Some retailers deemed it 'too violent' and refused to sell the album
229 21.2%
  Axis: Bold as Love ('67) - Jimi Hendrix Hindu groups expressed anger at both the LP's cover & poster which shows Hendrix as the deity Vishnu
108 10%
  To Hell with the Devil ('86) - Stryper Album's original cover showed the devil being thrown into fiery pit by a group of long-haired angels, causing a major controversy
107 9.9%
  Some Girls ('78) - Stones Original cover featured an inner sleeve containing photos of celebrities (without their permission), all positioned to show through cut-out holes on the outer sleeve
105 9.7%
  The Velvet Underground & Nico ('67) The Velvet Underground - Band was threatened with a lawsuit by actor/singer Eric Emerson, whose image was projected upside-down on the back cover
103 9.5%
  Pyromania ('83) - Def Leppard Cover depicted an photo of a bullseye aimed at a massive flame emerging from the top floor of a skyscraper. After 9-11 took place, many stores banned the cover
88 8.2%
  Yesterday and Today ('66) - The Beatles The 'butcher cover' featured the band dressed in white smocks and covered with decapitated baby dolls and pieces of meat
40 3.7%
  Nine Lives ('97) - Aerosmith Original cover aroused anger in some Hindus who felt the artwork, taken from Hindu imagery, was offensive
36 3.3%
  In Utero ('93) - Nirvana Some retailers refused to sell the LP because of the back cover artwork which featuring model fetuses
10 0.9%
  Street Survivors ('77) - Lynyrd Skynyrd Original cover featured photo of the band, standing in a street engulfed in flames. 3 days after the LP's release, 3 band members were killed in plane crash
8 0.7%
  Kill 'Em All ('83) - Metallica LP was originally set to be titled Metal Up Your Ass, w/ the cover featuring a toilet bowl with a hand clutching a dagger emerging from it
6 0.6%
  Christ Illusion ('06) - Slayer Cover depicts a mutilated, stoned Christ in a sea of blood w/ mutilated heads, causing outrage from some Christians
1 0.1%
  Fistful of Metal ('84) - Anthrax Cover showed a metal-wrapped fist emerging from the throat of a man as his mouth explodes
0 0%
  Kerplunk ('92) - Green Day Cover shows photo of a teen girl holding a smoking gun. Back cover shows a boy lying on the ground with a gunshot wound on his back
0 0%
Totals: 1079 100%

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