Keno's Weekly Beatles Poll

Week: 231
Date: 8/17/2015
Question: What is the best hidden track on a Beatles album or CD? (note: some songs listed are not offical titles)
Your Vote Option Votes Percent
  'Her Majesty' - Last song on Abbey Road, follows 14 seconds of silence at the end of the album.
110 18.7%
  'Can You Take Me Back' - At the end of 'Cry Baby Cry' on the White Album
105 17.8%
  Untitled 'spoken track by Lennon' - Between 'Dig It' and 'LIB' on Let it Be
102 17.3%
  'Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!' - from Beatles for Sale, at first not listed as a track on the album.
101 17.1%
  Ending chord from 'A Day in the Life' played backwards and forward - Last track on Anthology 3
100 17%
  Version of the 'James Bond Theme' - First track on US Help and on side 3 of 1962-1966
36 6.1%
  Music from 'Auld Lang Syne' plays while Lennon reads a poem - On CD 'Free as a Bird'
15 2.5%
  'Sgt. Pepper Inner Groove' - On UK vinyl album only,
10 1.7%
  Untitled 'whispering track' - on 1962-1966 UK vinyl between '8 Days a Week' and 'I Feel Fine'
7 1.2%
  Parts of 93 tracks/demos - On the remix album Love
3 0.5%
Totals: 589 100%

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