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1000 6/1/2020 Stones Poll Week 1088: 'Hear It' vs 'Gold Painted Fingernails'. Of these 2 never released instrumentals, which should have been released?
1000 5/25/2020 Stones Poll Week 1087:'Stupid Girl' vs 'Yesterday's Papers'. Both songs were supposedly about Chrissie Shrimptom. Which one is the better song?
1000 5/18/2020 Stones Poll Week 1086: 'Shine a Light' vs 'Coming Down Again'. Which song either in part or fully about Brian Jones, is the better one?
1000 5/11/2020 Stones Poll Week 1085: Rate the Stones 1966 video for 'Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby' (Click here for the video)
1000 5/4/2020 Stones Poll Week 1084: Rate the Stones brand new official video for 'Living In A Ghost Town' (Click here for the video)
1000 4/27/2020 Stones Poll Week 1083: Rate the Stones official promo video for 'Streets Of Love' (Click here for the video)
1000 4/20/2020 Stones Poll Week 1082: Rate the Stones Official Promo Video for 'Hey Negrita' (Click here for the video)
1000 4/13/2020 Stones Poll Week 1081: Rate the Stones live 1969 performance video for 'Honky Tonk Women' (Click here for the video)
1000 4/6/2020 Stones Poll Week 1080: Rate the Stones TV performance video for 'You Better Move On' (Live 1964) (Click here for the video)
1000 3/30/2020 Stones Poll Week 1079: Rate the Stones official promo video for 'Rough Justice' (Click here for the video)
1000 3/23/2020 Stones Poll Week 1078: Rate the Stones live TV performance video for 'Time Is On My Side' (Click here for the video)
1000 3/16/2020 Stones Poll Week 1077: Rate the Stones Official Video for 'Respectable' (Click here for the video)
1000 3/9/2020 Stones Poll Week 1076: 'Midnight Rambler' live, from 1969 Madison Square Garden, NYC concert vs 'Midnight Rambler' live from 2012 Glastonbury Festival. Which live take is better?
1000 3/2/2020 Stones Poll Week 1075: 'Get Off of My Cloud' live, from 1965 Hullabaloo vs 'Get Off of My Cloud' live from 2012 Anniversary Concert performance. Which live take is better?
1000 2/24/2020 Stones Poll Week 1074:'Back Of My Hand' vs 'This Place Is Empty'. On which song did Mick Jagger play the better slide guitar?
1000 2/17/2020 Stones Poll Week 1073: 'Love in Vain' vs 'Let it Bleed'. On which song did Keith Richards play better slide guitar?
1000 2/10/2020 Stones Poll Week 1072: Which Stones songs written about themselves or their fellow band members, is best?
1000 2/3/2020 Stones Poll Week 1071: Which Stones disco song is the worst of the worst?
1000 1/27/2020 Stones Poll Week 1070: Of the songs that Jagger/Richards didn't write yet took credit for, which one was their biggest steal?
1000 1/20/2020 Stones Tiebreaker poll, week 1069: 'Melody' VS 'Shine a Light'. Which song that Billy Preston played on with the Stones was Billy's better performance?
1000 1/13/2020 Stones Poll Week 1068: What was Jack Nitzsche's Best Work heard on a Stones song?
1000 1/6/2020 Stones Poll Week 1067: What was Billy Preston's Best work heard on a Stones song?
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