Re: Re: She Was Hot was (as they were) the last greatest song.

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Posted by steel driving wammie on August 22, 1999 at 20:11:17:

In Reply to: Re: She Was Hot was (as they were) the last greatest song. posted by 2000 Man on August 22, 1999 at 19:26:25:

: One Hit (To The Body) is one of the Stones coolest things, even though it's from a marginal album. But just a couple of rockers other than what you mentioned are as enjoyable as She Was Hot.

Yes it is. I forgot about that one. I love that song. It does get up there w/ She Was Hot. Very much comparable. But if I were to choose it would be SWH.

: Hold On To Your Hat has a nice riff going thru it.

AWWW maybe. Too simple tune.

Highwire suffers only because of timely lyrics.

Shit I forgot another one! That comes close, very close. Don't know who's boots to lick!

If Mick had made it a one on one lyrical thing, it would have been fucking HUGE! As it was, a stupid war ended too soon for that song to make it (and I thought the war was stupid, so I'm glad it was short).

I don't well I do but will get deleted about that war. It was needed. Think of all the nuclear material he would have if we passed him by. Let alone the other mother fuckers who are planning something soon.

: Voodoo Lounge is full of cool stuff, but for one example (which the Storm has used as many examples of syncopation) Mean Disposition absolutely rocks! All the way through, it's a total keeper.

Yes! The Voodoo Stew or Brew has that one w/ no vocals and it sounds like yer in a 1900's Western bar w/ the paino man playing don't it?

: Not to mention Rock And A Hard Place,

It's a copy (good copy) of Samba. The bridge of that song is one of the best of the 80's - today...

We're in the same boat
On the same sea
And we're sailing south
On the same breeze
Guiding dream churches
With silver spires
And our rogue children
Are playing loaded dice

: They can't all be Exile...

Your wrong!!! Nothing can be Exile!!!

Sweet Virginie! Loud!

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Subject: Re: Re: Re: She Was Hot was (as they were) the last greatest song.


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