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Posted by moondog on August 14, 1999 at 20:23:10:

In Reply to: Sittin', thinkin', sinkin', drinkin' posted by nankerphelge on August 13, 1999 at 18:20:50:

: Hey all

: Saw a special on the History channel the other night about The Hells Angles and Altamont made an appearance
: but the producers were too busy adding color to the story like "all hell broke loose when the Stones played Sympathy for the Devil" -- even though old Meredith was knifed during Under My Thumb
: There was another GLARING error in the story but I'm too drunk at the moment to remember what it was

: I'll say one thing though -- and I guess this is still part of my Keith Richard appreciation year -- Keef was one tough looking motherfucker! There are rock stars and their are ROCK STARS -- Keith is just a natural -- the whole band is just as cool as shit -- but Keith in '69 was IT baby -- you couldn't touch him.

Keith was a rock god then, and he is still a god now. And not only was he a tough looking mother fucker, he was a good looking mother fucker. He can still play, but it's to bad he looks like he 112 now. How many chickens does it take to reanimate him before a concert my voodoo play friends? Oh well.

: Here's what we need and we need it right FUCKING now
: A new Stones release -- we've had more tour than we could possibly expect and while I'd love to see a show, I want a real good studio release
: Sure, you can remix some old stuff or throw in some outtakes or whatever -- I don't care.
: But wake the fuck up boys and put out the best fucking Stones CD ever -- blow Exile or Let It Bleed or WHATEVER out of the running.
: Shut the critics up -- make them just SHUT UP
: Put out a MASTERWORK that makes everyone just SHUT UP -- I want to listen to an 18 track release 20 times before I even speak
: And then, all I want to say is "No Shit!"
: I want harmonica, and slide guitar, and some slashing Keef, and my Man Charlie just taking the drums by the balls

: All the naysayers can pipe up and say "Ain't gonna happen"
: Yeah, I know, stop the presses
: but that's what I want.


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