Sittin', thinkin', sinkin', drinkin'

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Posted by nankerphelge on August 13, 1999 at 18:20:50:

Hey all

Saw a special on the History channel the other night about The Hells Angles and Altamont made an appearance
but the producers were too busy adding color to the story like "all hell broke loose when the Stones played Sympathy for the Devil" -- even though old Meredith was knifed during Under My Thumb
There was another GLARING error in the story but I'm too drunk at the moment to remember what it was

I'll say one thing though -- and I guess this is still part of my Keith Richard appreciation year -- Keef was one tough looking motherfucker! There are rock stars and their are ROCK STARS -- Keith is just a natural -- the whole band is just as cool as shit -- but Keith in '69 was IT baby -- you couldn't touch him.

Here's what we need and we need it right FUCKING now
A new Stones release -- we've had more tour than we could possibly expect and while I'd love to see a show, I want a real good studio release
Sure, you can remix some old stuff or throw in some outtakes or whatever -- I don't care.
But wake the fuck up boys and put out the best fucking Stones CD ever -- blow Exile or Let It Bleed or WHATEVER out of the running.
Shut the critics up -- make them just SHUT UP
Put out a MASTERWORK that makes everyone just SHUT UP -- I want to listen to an 18 track release 20 times before I even speak
And then, all I want to say is "No Shit!"
I want harmonica, and slide guitar, and some slashing Keef, and my Man Charlie just taking the drums by the balls

All the naysayers can pipe up and say "Ain't gonna happen"
Yeah, I know, stop the presses
but that's what I want.

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