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Posted by Keno on August 04, 1999 at 19:57:19:

In Reply to: Re: Voodoo Lounge....Again. posted by keef on August 04, 1999 at 16:42:04:

keef wrote:
: Now for part 2--why Voodoo Lounge is a Great album..........

Are you the same keef from the newsgroup? From your email address I think so. If so, I know the two of us never agree about Brian and other things over there but I must say I do agree with almost all you write here about VL. Voodoo may not be in my top five list but your points about VL are on target.

Stones Maniac wrote:
: : Ok, peeps...I got alot of feedback from people about my last message about not liking Voodoo Lounge. It surprises me that alot of people would write me back about their views about the album,

Don't be surprised, that's what this place is for. You may be surpised by some of the comments in the feedback you get here but don't be surpised by the feedback itself.

:I have no friggin clue how, as one person put it, it can be said that Steel Wheels "doesn't hold up well today"...yeah, right...and Some Girls does??? Don't even get me started on THAT album.

I may not have been the person who wrote that, but personally, I did not think Steel Wheels ever held up well, from when it first came out (compared to other Stones albums)to now. It has always been near the very bottom of my Stones album list. I'll take SG anyday. SG holds up very well today, IMO (not that I'm trying to get you going).

:One person even had the audacity to tell me that B2B was overproduced...maybe so, but hell, it is a greater and better album than Voodoo Lounge. Sorry, guys and gals, I just cannot agree with you about Voodoo's too dog can make better songs than that.

Don't apologize for liking B2B, if that's what you like better, that's great.

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